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The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences Department of Emergency Medicine is distinguished by a commitment to excellence in education, with a specific focus on innovative areas including research, leadership, education, simulation, and international Emergency Medicine. 


We are excited to announce Justin Pollock, MD as our new ultrasound director. Residents engage in daily bedside ultrasound and have regular skills training on the various clinical applications of ultrasound. Additionally, all residents have a required ultrasound rotation dedicated to performing bedside ultrasound in the ED. 


Residents have access to the University of Toledo Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center (UT-IISC), a state-of-the-art simulation lab that provides a vast array of procedural training encompassing airway, resuscitative techniques, pediatric procedures, vascular procedures, and surgical procedures. Residents will also have the opportunity to participate as educators for medical students learning basic procedural skills. 


Research is creating new knowledge.” (Neil Armstrong)

Emergency Medicine research is an important component of our academic emergency medicine residency.  Alongside nationally recognized researchers, residents have the opportunity to participate in the study design, data collection, authorship, presentation, and publication of research in the area of their choice.  Current topics of expertise among our faculty include resuscitation, trauma hemodynamics, end of life care, and pain management. 

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Residents have the opportunity to participate in leadership development, through participation in quality improvement, risk management, and an optional experience for leadership development in collaboration with the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. 

Simulation CenterEDUCATION

Residents have the opportunity to learn educational techniques and innovations through the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences program, featuring distinguished renowned faculty in medical education. Residents will also have an integral role in medical education for medical students in simulation and procedural training, as well as basic emergency skills. 


Our residents have the opportunity to participate in an international experience that will provide residents a better framework of the global development of Emergency Medicine and the issues and problems that affect our specialty worldwide. 


Disaster preparedness is an important focus of the residency that is interwoven throughout the entire three-year program. We have on faculty some of the nation’s renowned experts in Disaster Preparedness. Not only would our residents be expected to be knowledgeable in Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Response, but we anticipate that they will become leaders within their community in developing disaster programs and managing EMS and disaster systems. Learn more about Emergency Medicine's disaster preparedness and response on the International Emergency Medicine page.

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The Emergency Medicine Residency Program at the University of Toledo has a particularly strong focus on administrative and economic issues pertaining to Emergency Medicine. Specifically, the curriculum  includes a clinical administrative rotation, as well as didactic topics including Administrative Management, EMS Management, Reimbursement Issues, Risk Management, Quality Improvement, regulatory issues, investments and financial management. In addition, this program outlines the economics of medicine and provides and outlines the spectrum of opportunities that are available for Emergency physicians, ranging from entrepreneur opportunities to ED management, partnership tracks, and academic pathways. 

WHETHER YOUR ASPIRATIONS are to become an emergency physician researcher, educator, ED Medical Director, regional or national leader, or simply an outstanding clinician, our program will provide the tools necessary to reach YOUR goals!  Welcome!

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Last Updated: 10/18/22