Emergency Medicine Residency

Dual Degree Program (MD/MPH)

A unique aspect of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program is its MD/MPH program. The residency program has entered into an agreement with the University of Toledo College of Health and Human Services to offer a Masters degree in Public Heath that has been specifically constructed to appeal the the Emergency Medicine Resident.

Apart from the core curriculum, the Master's syllabus will also include courses that will have specific application for the Emergency Physician. These courses will include the following topics: Disaster Medicine: Theory and Practice, Practicum in Disaster Management, Topics in Global Health, Overview of Infectious Diseases of Developing Countries, Pandemic 101, and Medical Consequences of Terrorism. Much of these offerings will be under the direct supervision of an emergency physician who has a dual appointment in both departments.

The MD/MPH program will be molded in such a way to accommodate the needs of the resident while facilitating the ability to graduate from the residency program with the MPH degree in hand.

For those residents who choose not to enter the MD/MPH program, but who wish to pursue certain Public Health courses, a Certificate program has been developed which allows to take four Public Health courses which are also transferrable should the resident decide to go for an MPH in the future.

 Learn more by visiting the Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health website.

Last Updated: 6/27/22