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Student Forms- All forms should be signed by the student, advisor, committee (if applicable), Dept Chair/Director before being sent to the Associate Dean's office. 

Committee Meetings: Students are expected to have committee meetings approximently twice per year utilizing the Committee Meeting form. Completed forms should be turned into the track director. 

Plan of Study: Students must complete the Plan of Study for the Doctoral Degree form; Plan of Study for the Master’s degree form  (POS) that outlines the courses to be taken throughout graduate training.  This should be completed within one semester after the student joins a faculty mentor’s lab. If this form is not submitted within the first year, the College of Graduate Studies will withhold the students' tuition waiver and stipend.  This form must be submitted before the student is permitted to take the Qualifying Examination.

Graduate Research Advisory Committee Approval and Assurances (GRAD Form): Once it has been decided which faculty lab a student will be working in during the duration of their PhD studies the GRAD form will need to be completed. This form should be completed prior to starting research and needs to be signed by members of the committee.

Report of the Qualifying Exam: The Report of the Qualifying Exam form is completed when the students complete their Qualifying exam.

Defense Acceptance & Intellectual Protection form: The Defense Acceptance & IP Protection form is completed when the student and advisor have determined a defense date. This form should be shared with the Associate Dean of COMLS Graduate Studies ( or MLB 121) so a public announcement can be made regarding the defense. This also alerts COMLS Graduate Programs office that the student is nearing the end of their PhD work.

Approval of Dissertation: The Approval of Dissertation form is completed after a student has successfully completed and defended their dissertation.

Last Updated: 8/14/23