Department of Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences at The University of Toledo offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for students with a passion for the study of life and living organisms. These programs include Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Neuroscience and Medical Laboratory Science, a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and a BS-MS in Bioinformatics program, as well as Master's and Doctoral programs.

Starting Median Salaries for Careers in Biological Sciences

In addition to providing you with a strong education in molecular and cell biology, our faculty are committed to setting you up for success in your future educational pursuits and career journey through hands-on research, experiential learning, mentorship and much more! Majors in the Biological Sciences establish careers in a variety of settings. Salary information below is based on 2022 nationwide median salary data from (degree type required listed under profession below).

Medical Scientists

(M.D. or professional degree)

Medical Laboratory Scientists
(B.S. degree)

Technical Writers
(B.S. degree)

Biological Sciences - The Perfect Foundational Degree for a Wide Variety of Careers

Almost everyone has an interest in how life works. Whether your focus is human physiology and the mechanisms of disease or basic research in topics such as cell biology, virology, genomics or neuroscience, our programs provide you with a broad spectrum of knowledge in biology that stimulates curiosity and prepares you for rewarding careers in the life sciences.

  • World-class faculty — passionate educators and respected scientists with international acclaim and perspective!
  • Cutting-edge research — innovative ideas addressing the problems of today and advancing solutions for tomorrow!
  • Hands-on experience — as early as your first year, you can join research labs for authentic scientific explorations. We also help you with placements both inside and outside of UToledo!
  • State-of-the-art facilities — our research laboratories and instruments rival those at larger institutions and keep you at the forefront of possibilities!

Academic Degrees


  • B.S. in Biology (cell and molecular concentration)
  • B.A. in Biology (cell and molecular concentration)
  • B.S. in Medical Laboratory Science
  • B.S. in Neuroscience
  • Accelerated Pipeline Programs

Undergraduate Programs


  • M.S. in Biology (cell and molecular concentration)
  • Ph.D. in Biology (cell and molecular concentration)

Graduate Programs


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Anish Karnani Class of 2023MEET Anish Karnani

Class of 2023, Biology

"I came into college undecided about what major to pursue, but after taking introductory biology classes, I became more interested in pursuing a biology major. My interest only increased while taking upper level courses and getting involved in research. Getting involved in undergraduate research seemed intimidating at first, but the experience allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of biology and an appreciation for the field. It also helped me in my undergraduate courses as many of the methods used for key discoveries in the field became easier to understand."
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