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Contributor: Todd Osborn, UT alumnus

About the Display: The display features:
  • Be pebbles
  • a sheet of Be foil
  • a vacuum cast Be ingot
  • a Be rod
  • a hollow Be gyroscope sphere from the inertial guidance system of a B52 bomber
Berylliosis is a lung disease, also known as Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD), that is caused by the inhalation of Be dust or fumes. While not everyone exposed to Be will get the disease, it can be serious and contribute to the development of lung cancer.
About the Contributor: All the items in this display were donated by Materion, formally known as Brush Wellman. Todd and his friends from work were doing a Mud Run wearing shirts saying "Be Tough".
For more information about the company and how they use Be to innovate and improve technology, visit!
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Symbol: Be

Atomic Number: 4

Atomic Mass: 9.012182 u

Electron Configuration: [He] 2s2

Year Discovered: 1798

Discovered By: Louis Nicolas Vauquelin

Last Updated: 7/15/24