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  • Lithium carbonate tablets or lithium citrate solutions  - are used as mood stabilizers in psychiatric treatment of depression, mania and bipolar disorder.
  • BANG SNAPS - are symbolic for fireworks. Lithium is used for the deep red color in fireworks.
  • Lithium - is used in Button Cell Batteries
  • 7Up’s older name was  "7Up Lithiated Lemon Soda". Until 1948, it contained small quantities of  naturally-occurring lithium citrate (mood enhancer) found in underground springs.

The origin of the name might come from the 7 ingredients in the original 7Up  (sugar, carbonated water, essences of lemon and lime oils, citric acid, sodium citrate, and lithium citrate) followed by the “UP” referring to the improved mood swing. 7Up was originally advertised as a hangover cure.

Tracy Meadows


About the Contributor: Tracy Meadows lives in Ontario, OH. She is a librarian working in the public library in Mansfield.



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Symbol: Li

Atomic Number: 3

Atomic Mass: 6.94 u

Electron Configuration: [He] 2s1 

Year Discovered: 1817

Discovered By: Johan August Arfvedson 

Last Updated: 12/11/23