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Contributor: Destiny Zamora

About the Display: The gold display features:

a miniature gold Egyptian statue

a pair of gold plated earrings

a gold coin 

a "gold" medal

gold flakes

gold tape used by NASA to control the surface temperature of objects exposed to IR/heat waves

a "gold" bar flash drive donated by Brian Conn

a picture of Scrooge McDuck diving into his money vault


Fun facts: 
  • The gold flakes in the display were collected by using hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide on old video cards then washed and collected with tweezers before being placed in the vial of isopropyl alcohol!
  • The largest gold bar in the world weighs 551 pounds (250 kg)!
  • The symbol for gold is Au, after the Latin name for gold, aurum!
  • Gold is actually edible!
  • Olympic gold medals only contain 1.34% of gold!
  • There are almost 20 million tons of gold in the ocean!
About the Contributor: Destiny Zamora is a second grade student at Napoleon Elementary School. She chose gold because it is her favorite color, she likes gold and she wants to be rich someday!


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Symbol: Au

Atomic Number: 79

Atomic Mass: 196.96657 u

Electron Configuration: [Xe] 4f145d106s1

Year Discovered: unknown! Gold has been used since prehistoric times

Discovered By: unknown!

Last Updated: 6/27/22