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Contributor: Krish Patel

About the Display: This display features

  • Two platinum electrodes - commonly used in the standard hydrogen electrode. Platinum is an inert metal that is capable of easily absorbing hydrogen. The platinum electrodes do not participate in redox reactions while the cell is working, unlike other metals (such as iron, which can easily oxidize). 
  • Pure platinum metal - Platinum is the most ductile of the pure metals. It is stable at high temperatures, is very resistant to corrosion, and has stable electrical properties. 
  • A Platinum figurine - Platinum is a DC Comics character from the Metal Men series. The first of the Metal Men, Platinum is also referred to as Tina. She is capable of shape shifting, stretching her body, and conducting heat and electricity. The Metal Men first appeared in 1962.



krishAbout the Contributor: Krish is a fifth year graduate student at the University of Toledo in Dr. Peter Andreana's lab. He is from Hyderabad, India. Krish initially wanted to choose potassium, since his name starts with a k, but since that element was already claimed, he chose platinum. Platinum is one of the most used catalysts in the field of chemistry as well as an expensive and simple-looking jewelry one can purchase. He was also happy to discover the DC Comics Metal Men character, Platinum!

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Symbol: Pt

Atomic Number: 78

Atomic Mass: 195.084 u

Electron Configuration: [Xe] 4f145d96s1

Year Discovered: 1735

Discovered By: Antonio de Ulloa

Last Updated: 3/23/17