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Small Molecule Diffractometers

X-Ray Single Crystal Diffractometer
Bruker Apex Duo

X-Ray Single Crystal Diffractometer

  • Cu-radiation for absolute configuration and protein screening
  • Mo-radiation for high throughput and charge density
  • Mo-sealed tube with Triumph monochromator
  • Fast and fully-automated wavelength switch
  • Cu-IμS microfocus tube with multilayer provides up to 30 times the intensity compared to graphite monochromated sealed Cu-tube

First-time users should click here for an Introduction to Integration and here for a step-by-step guide to using the Apex-Duo.

Small Molecule Crystal Submit Form

Contact: Dr. Kristin Kirschbaum


 Rigaku R-Axis Single Crystal Diffractometer

Rigaku R-Axis Single Crystal Diffractometer 

Rapid Rigaku

  • High power rotating anodes provide high flux for shorter experiments compared to sealed tube sources
  • Mo- and Ag- radiation for high accuracy measurements, e.g. charge density analysis, and Cr- radiation for proteins and nanomaterials
  • Large, curved RAPID-II imaging plate detector for high resolution measurements [ AgKα, sin(Θmax)/λ = 1.70 Å-1, d =  0.29 Å; MoKα,sin(Θmax)/λ = 1.34 Å-1, d = 0.38 Å ]
  • Software developed in-house by Dr. Vladimir V. Zhurov for highly accurate data reduction (VIIPP) and absorption correction (CCDABS)

Contact: Dr. Kristin Kirschbaum

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 Powder X-Ray Diffractometer

PANalytical X'Pert Pro MD

Powder X-Ray Diffractometer

  • Temperature range -150° to 400° C
  • Capillary tube available for air sensitive materials or small samples
  • Phase identification of solid materials
  • Crystallite size
  • Preferred orientation
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Symmetric scan (theta-2 theta)
  • Asymmetric scan (2 theta)
  • Samples can include:
    • Powders
    • Thin Films
    • Polymers

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Gadient

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