Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Committees 2021-2022

  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics Council (4 members serve 3 years)
    S. Sahutoglu (2nd), J. Anderson (2nd), R. Liu (substituting for S. Weck-Schwarz 3rd), K. Fisher (1st)

  • Assessment Committee
    J. Anderson, S. Wang, M. Sutherland, K. Bryant

  • College Committee on Academic Personnel (1 member serves 2 years)
    A. Arsie (2nd)

  • Computer Committee
    D. Gajewski, H. Fayoumi, J. Cheh, S. Sahutoglu

  • Department Personnel Committee (members serve 2 years)
    T. Le (2nd), Q. Shao (2nd), A. Tikaradze (1st), Z. Cuckovic (1st), B. Zhang (1st)

  • Graduate Curriculum Committee
    F. Gultepe, T. Le, A. Eshmatov, A. Arsie, T. Chen

  • Graduate Student Affairs Committee
    E. Shemyakova, F. Gultepe, C. Shan, , S. Sahutoglu, R. Liu

  • Research and Scholarly Affairs Committee
    A. Eshmatov, E. Shemyakova, Z. Cuckovic, A. Tikaradze

  • Teaching Evaluation Committee
    K. Fisher, S. Robinson, G. Lewis, H. Nguyen

  • Undergraduate Majors Committee
    I. Stein, V. Cheruvu, H. Fayoumi, S. Hong, G. Thompson

  • Undergraduate Majors Curriculum Committee
    Z. Chen, A. Acharyya, J. Anderson, V. Cheruvu, B. Ou

  • Undergraduate Service Curriculum Committee
    S. Robinson, W. Zhao, G. Lewis

Committee responsibilities and election procedures can be found in the Department Bylaws.

Last Updated: 3/31/21