Ritter Planetarium and Brooks Observatory

Directions and Parking


The Ritter Planetarium is located on the main campus of the University of Toledo.  It resides on the first floor of the Ritter Astrophysical Research Center which houses the offices for the University's astronomy faculty and students.  The planetarium is best accessed by using the main entrance to the University on Bancroft St. near the north-east corner of campus (N. Towerview Boulevard).   The planetarium is located in the building with the two large white domes on the right as you drive down the hill towards campus.  There is also a drop off circle directly outside the planetarium entrance.

Unless you are attending a public program on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, you will need to pay for parking.  Please see below for more information. 


Public Programs

Our public programs are on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons at 1 PM.  There is no charge for parking if you park in Area 1N outside McMaster Hall (red outline in the google map below) within 45 minutes of the show start time.  It is then a minute or two walk to the planetarium.

All Other Programs

If you are attending a non-public program you will have to pay for parking.  The easiest way to do this is to download the ParkMobile app on your phone but you can also do so on the ParkMobile website.  The nearest lot is Area 1N (Zone 9261 on the ParkMobile app, red outline in google map below) but Area 2 (Zone 9231 on the ParkMobile app, purple outline in the google map below) is also relatively close.  It is a 1-3 minute walk to the planetarium from either lot.   A license plate must be visible from the aisle.   

Learn more about hourly parking including links to the ParkMobile website by clicking here


If you are coming to the planetarium in a bus, and that bus wants to remain on campus during the program, we will purchase a parking pass for the bus.  Please give the license plate number and state of the bus to the planetarium staff member and they will obtain the necessary permit.

Last Updated: 6/26/23