Ritter Planetarium and Brooks Observatory

Private Programs

We offer programs to any interested group, whether you are a church group, civic organization, etc. Feel free to contact us to schedule a program for anytime of the year. These programs utilize our state-of-the-art full-dome projection system and are visually stimulating, informative, and entertaining. They are a radical departure from the old fashioned analog planetariums of the past. If you don’t see a program that meets your needs, let us know. We can usually create a customized program just for you at no additional charge.

Please contact Heidi Westrick at heidi.kuchta@utoledo.edu, or 419.530.4641 if you have any questions regarding which program might be best for your group.

What you can expect

The feature presentation typically run about 25 minutes, and is followed by a live, interactive tour of the night sky and a discussion of current astronomical events. This is followed by a question and answer session. In total, a typical visit lasts about an hour, not counting time to look at the many displays in the lobby.

Double Features

You may pair any two programs including full-dome, classic, or the Journey package together to create a double feature for a very modest additional charge. Most double features last about an hour and a half and include an intermission at your discretion.


Standard Admission rates apply.  $2 per person extra for Double Feature

Scheduling Your Trip

Reservations are required for all programs. Please call 419.530.2650 to make your reservations at least three weeks in advance. For more information on the programs we offer, including possible tours of the observatory or evening observing sessions, please call Heidi Westrick at 419.530.4641 or email at heidi.kuchta@utoledo.edu.

See our Full-Dome Program Lineup

Last Updated: 10/26/22