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Planetarium Staff


Michael Cushing Dr. Michael Cushing    
Dr. Michael Cushing is an assistant professor of Physics and Astronomy.  His research focuses on the discovery and characterization of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in the solar neighborhood using ground- and spaced-based telescopes and the development of the algorithms to both reduce and analyze the data obtained with them.

Office: RO 1060        
(419) 530-2637 michael.cushing@utoledo.edu

Associate Director

Alex Mak Alexander T. Mak    
Alex is originally from the greater Cleveland area, and has been working at Ritter since 1981.  His favorite part of his job is doing programs for visiting school children. 

Office: RO 0300 (419) 530-4641 alexander.mak@utoledo.edu

Fulldome Graphic Artist

Morgan Hayward Morgan Hayward    
Morgan Hayward is from the Toledo, Ohio area and graduated from the University of Toledo in the spring of 2013. Since receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in New Media, she has worked as the Fulldome Graphic Artist for the University’s Ritter Planetarium. She specializes in 3D computer generated graphics in the production of educational fulldome films. 

Office: RO 0290 (419) 530-8588 morgan.hayward@utoledo.edu

Graduate Student Staff

Cody Gerhartz Cody Gerhartz    
Cody is a 4th year doctoral student in the Physics and Astronomy department from Chilton, WI.  His research focuses on the understanding and characterization of hot main sequence stars with disks of gas around them using ground based telescopes in both the optical and infrared.

Office: RO 0290 (419) 530-8588 cody.gerhartz@utoledo.edu

Undergraduate Student Staff

Anna Barnes Anna Barnes    
Anna is in her fourth and final year as a physics student at UT.  After graduation she plans to attend graduate school to receive her certification to teach elementary school science.

Shaeley Diemer Shaeley Diemer    
Shaeley Diemer is a third year here at the University of Toledo majoring in Astrophysics. She has always wanted to have a job involving something with astronomy and enjoys her job working at the Ritter Planetarium.

Tyler Frey Tyler Frey    
Tyler is from Monroe, MI.  He is currently an undergraduate majoring in physics. 

Heidi Kutcha Heidi Kutcha    
Heidi is a first year astrophysics and math major.
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