Ritter Planetarium and Brooks Observatory

Explore!  The Discovery Channel Telescope and The University of Toledo


In July of 2012, the University of Toledo signed an agreement with the historic Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona that gives our astronomers access to a new cutting-edge telescope in their study of the Universe. The DCT, or Discovery Channel Telescope’s primary mirror is fourteen feet in diameter, which makes it the fifth largest telescope in the continental United States. With this agreement, University of Toledo Astronomers join the ranks of a small number of universities that have dedicated access to such an advanced facility allowing long term research projects.

This short promotional program highlights the unique characteristics of this facility, along with the experiences that the astronomers here at UT have had with such a new and powerful tool. UT's Department of Physics and Astronomy's access to the DCT is huge step into uncovering many mysteries of the Universe!

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Last Updated: 12/16/19