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Annual Report 2014-2015
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University Teaching Center during the 2014-2015 academic year.

How the University Teaching Center helps faculty incorporate technology in the classroom.


UT professor talkingTechTalks

TechTalks include presentations, discussions and workshops focused on techniques and technologies for teaching. Learn more.

Technology Tools

Learn how to use technology in your classroom from Echo 360 lecture capture, green screen studio, clickers and more. Learn more.

person using computerMonday Morning Mentor

Weekly series of 20-minute presentations on a variety of topics. Open to all faculty. Learn more.

studentStudent Observer Program

Student Observers serve as an excellent resource to faculty members by providing valuable feedback to supplement student evaluations and peer reviews. Learn more.

Carlson LibraryLIB Guide and WEB Resources

Carlson Library teaching resources from articles and books to DVD and more. Learn more.

apps graphicEducational Apps

Check out these educational apps and peer reviews. Submit an educational App that you'd recommend. Learn more.

Upcoming Events

As we head into the summer term, we will be upgrading to the newest LectureTools platform, which is now owned by Echo360 and known as Active Learning Platform.  While many of the features you have come to enjoy about LectureTools remain unchanged, the user interface looks a little different and offers a few new features. 

With the upgrade quickly approaching, the University Teaching Center is available for individual training sessions.  E-mail us at

Turning Technologies (Clickers)
As we head into the summer term, we will be transitioning to TurningPoint Cloud, which is the latest version of the software. With this transition, there will be a few changes - namely, students will now have the option to use a clicker or a mobile device with an access code. Another change is that all users, faculty and students, will need to create an account through Turning Technologies to access future software downloads.

Most of the features you have come to enjoy about TurningPoint will remain unchanged.  However, to ensure that users are aware of the changes, the University Teaching Center is available for training sessions.  E-mail us at

End of Semester Turning Point Tips


Learning Ventures Training Schedule and Registration: Learning ventures will be offering a series of opportunities during the spring semester focused on course design. Information about the specific content and dates for these sessions can be found on the Learning Ventures webpage.
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