Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

University Teaching Advisory Council

The inaugural Teaching Center Advisory Council was convened in August 2021, as a transition from the Teaching Center Task Force. This standing committee is charged with supporting the work of the Center and ensuring that Center efforts to provide support for teaching excellence are aligned with the Center Mission and Vision. This work includes supporting the creation of strategic priorities and plans for the Center that are in alignment with evidence-based, innovative and high impact practices; supporting the ongoing assessment of Center efforts and instructor needs from a continuous improvement approach; and providing key support for the development and implementation of Center programs and initiatives. 

The Advisory Council is populated via staggered, 2-year appointments, with representation from the following core constituencies: (a) graduate instructors, (b) part-time instructors, (c) lecturers, (d) tenure-track/tenured faculty, and (e) representation from a diverse array of colleges, including the College of Medicine. 


First Name Last Name Position(s) at UToledo E-mail
Jeanne Kusina

Interim Director, University Teaching Center

Distinguished University Lecturer,  Department of Women's and Gender Studies; College of Arts and Letters
Rachel Barnes

Instructional Designer &  Coordinator for Quality Assurance; UToledo Online
Malaika Bell

Africana Studies,  Interim Executive Director; Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Carmen Cioc Associate Professor; College of Engineering
Kari Dilworth Program Manager, Department of Applied Organizational Technical Instructor
Joan  Duggan Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development, Associate Dean for Professionalism; College of Medicine and Life Sciences
Kevin Egan Associate Professor; Department of Economics, College of Arts and Letters
David Giovannucci

Professor, Department of Medical Education, College of Medicine and  Life Sciences 
Ting Li ESL Curriculum Coordinator/Instructor; American Language Institute; Center for International Studies and Programs
Christopher Martin Associate Professor;  Philosophy & Religious Studies, College of Arts and Letters
Susanne Nonekowski Distinguished University Lecturer, Clinical Professor of Medicinal & Biological Chemistry; College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
James Oberlander Instructor; College of Nursing
Melissa Oddo Program Manager; Provost Office
Michael Prior Associate Professor of Social Work; School of Social Justice, College of Health and Human Services
Ashley Pryor

Associate Professor; The Jesup Scott Honors College
David Sherman PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant, School of Exercise & Rehabilitation Services; College of Health and Human Services
Jessica Swan Instructor; Department of Educational Studies, Judith Herb College of Education
Heather Tessler Director, Office of Student Services; College of Health and Human Services
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Last Updated: 1/22/24