University Policy

Graduate Medical Education

3364-25-47 Criminal Background Check (formerly 3364-86-034-00)

3364-86-001-00 Evaluation and Feedback

3364-86-002-00 Implementation of New Programs or Instituting Changes in Existing Programs

3364-86-003-00 Vacation/Leave on Outside Service

3364-86-004-00 Visa Status for Residents

3364-86-005-00 Language to Accompany Initial Contract Offers and Renewals for Residency/Fellowship Positions

3364-86-007-00 Resident Pay Levels Consistent with Training Year in the Training Program (R-Year)

3364-86-008-00 Inadequate Resident Performance and Due Process

3364-86-009-00 Special Reviews of Residency Programs

3364-86-011-00 Completion Certificates

3364-86-012-00 Duty Hours for Residents

3364-86-013-00 Externships/Observerships for Medical Graduates

3364-86-014-00 Master Affiliation and Program Letters of Agreement

3364-86-015-00 Professionalism, Personal Responsibility and Patient Safety

3364-86-016-00 Meals for residents on in-house overnight call

3364-86-017-00 Employment of resident physicians under contract to another program

3364-86-018-00 Moonlighting

3364-86-019-00 Resident Eligibility for GME at The University of Toledo

3364-86-021-00 The Graduate Medical Education Committee

3364-86-022-00 Resident Credentialing

3364-86-023-00 Residency Program(s) or Sponsoring Institution Closure/Reduction in Size

3364-86-024-00 Resident Final Evaluation Letter

3364-86-025-00 Resident Supervision

3364-86-026-00 USMLE Step 3 or Equivalent Examination Timing

3364-86-027-00 Resident Grievance

3364-86-028-00 Patient privacy/confidentiality

3364-86-029-00 Basic Life Support Status and Advanced Cardiac Life Support

3364-86-031-00 Resident Promotion Criteria

3364-86-032-00 Resident Sleep Facilities and Safe Transportation

3364-86-033-00 DEA Numbers and Prescription Writing for Residents

3364-86-036-00 Residents as Educators

3364-86-038-00 Educational Rotations Outside of UT and Affiliated Hospitals/Clinical Sites

3364-86-039-00 Continuation of Training in the Event of Disaster or Interruption in Patient Care

3364-86-040-00 Non-University of Toledo Residents Requesting Educational Experiences at The University of Toledo

3364-86-041-00 Multidisciplinary Pain Management Fellowship Management

3364-86-042-00 Transitions of Care

3364-86-043-00 Alertness Management/Fatigue Mitigation

3364-86-044-00 Communication with ACGME

3364-86-045-00 Semi-Annual Evaluations

3364-86-046-00 Accommodations for Residents with Disabilities

3364-86-047-00 Review of Resident Competency and The Clinical Competency Committee (CCC)

3364-86-048-00 Annual Program Evaluation and Program Evaluation Committee

3364-86-049-00 Essential Functions of a Resident/Fellow for Graduate Medical Education Programs

3364-86-050-00 Annual Institutional Review

3364-86-051-00 Social Media

3364-86-052-00 Vacation/Leave Time Off

3364-86-053-00 Medical Records Completion

3364-86-054-00 Graduate and Certificate Program Enrollment

3364-86-055-00 Work Environment and Well Being

3364-86-057-00 Non-ACGME Accredited Fellowship Applications and Annual Review

Last Updated: 4/12/24