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Financial Conflict of Interest for Sponsored Programs

Mission Statement

Activities supported by grants, contracts (including clinical trial agreements), and cooperative agreements from public and private entities provide valuable sources of funds to support the academic mission of The University of Toledo (“University”). The University actively encourages interaction with both the public and private sectors as an important component of its research, education, and public service activities. Individuals involved in such interactions may receive personal financial compensation in accordance with UToledo policy so long as it is consistent with all other applicable institutional policies.

UToledo’s policy sets forth the principles for identifying those individuals who should report significant Financial Interests and situations that may pose a potential for conflicts of interest in compliance with applicable federal and state of Ohio laws, regulations, and policies. UToledo’s policy is applicable to all Sponsored Programs administered through the University, regardless of the source of funds. In accordance with PHS policy, which becomes effective on August 24, 2012, UToledo has instituted a Web-based financial conflict of interest disclosure site through which all faculty, staff and graduate students associated with sponsored research projects can disclose their financial conflicts of interest.

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Glenn Lipscomb, Ph.D.
COI Review Committee Chair
Policies, Procedures, Forms and Regulations
UToledo Policy:  Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for Sponsored Programs
Policy Number:  3364-70-01
This is a step-by-step set of instructions that will help you complete the financial conflict of interest disclosure requirements. 
FCOI Disclosure Site
RSP 103: Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Institutional Review Board
Applicable Federal and Local Regulations
42 CFR 50 Subpart F: Promoting Objectivity in Research
Ohio Revised Code
  Public Officers -- Ethics
2921.42: Having an Unlawful Interest in a Public Contract 
2921.43: Soliciting or Accepting Improper Compensation
Last Updated: 6/27/22