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University Research Funding Opportunities (URFO) Reporting Requirements

final report form

Awards required to submit a final report

As stated in the guidelines, recipients of the following awards are required to submit a final report.

  • Research Award and Fellowship Program
  • deArce Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research and Development
  • Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Awards (Interdisciplinary Initiation awardees will also be asked to give a brief presentation on their work to the Research Council).
  • Research Innovation Program
  • Biomedical Research Innovation Program
  • Archaeological Research Endowment Fund

The final reports are used to assess the effectiveness of the programs in general, and may be used by the Research Council in conjunction with future URFO submissions by previous recipients to assess the likelihood of achieving goals and projected outcomes.

Report Header

  • Program Name (e.g., Research Awards and Fellowship)
  • Period of Time covered by the award (e.g., Summer 2021)
  • Recipient Name


A brief description of the activities supported by the fellowship is sufficient for the report, but to the extent possible, please indicate all outcomes. 

Of particular interest are:

  • tasks accomplished
  • collaborative research supported by the fellowship
  • conference presentations or lectures resulting from the research
  • articles in progress or submitted
  • funding proposals in progress or submitted

There is no minimum length requirement. You may send the report by email attachment (Word or PDF preferred) to It would be helpful and appreciated if you provide a subject like "Final Report for John Doe's 2021 Research Fellowship."

It is understood that certain outcomes, such as acceptance and publication of articles, may take many months to reach fruition. You are always invited to update your report with additional information.

Questions? Please send any questions to

Last Updated: 9/16/22