Research and Sponsored Programs

URAF Recipients 2003-2004

Summer Research Awards and Fellowships

Ajilore, Olugbenga; The Impact of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit in Ohio

Ames, Glenn; The Asian Trade Revolution of the 17th Century: Era of Predatory Mercantilism

Ames-Bell, Linda; Six Billion and Counting

Azad, Abdul-Majeed; Fabrication of 1-Dimensional Ceramic Nanofibers Via Electrospinning

Bailey, Ainsworth; Promoting Entrepreneurship Among African Americans

Beatty, Charles; African and Native American Ethnogenesis, Alliance, and Resistance in Colonial Esmeraldas

Bryant, Michael; The Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi-Era Acts of Violence Against German Jews in Baden-Wurttemberg, 1945-2000

Cheng, An Chung; The Acquisition of Mood Selection and Its Relationship to Language Change

Coleman, Laurence; An Exploratory Study Of Passion For Learning In Talented Children

Fitzgerald, Christina; The Mystery of Men: Performing Masculinity in the Drama Cycles of Medieval York and Chester

Gillespie, Carmen; On the Wings of the Hummingbird: Oral Texts from Hamilton, Ohio's African American Community, 1945-1995

Gregory, Melissa; The Afterlife of East Lynne: The Pleasures and Proliferations of Victorian Melodrama

HassabElnaby, Hassan; The Information Asymmetry and Voluntary Disclosure of Nonfinancial Performance Measures

Hong, Paul; Integrated Product Development For Global Supply Chain Management

Jayatissa, Ahalapitiya; Development of a Nanotemplate Substrate For Nanofabrication

Jenkins, Morris; Gullah Island Social Control and Dispute Resolution

Kalczynski, Pawel; A Framework for Measuring The Complexity of On-Line Shopping and Searching Behavior

Lind, Cora; Non-hydrolytic Sol-gel Processing of Metal Sulfides

Mayer, Christine; Assessing Human-Driven Perturbations of Production in Western Lake Erie

Said, Amal; The Dynamic Relation Between CEO's Compensation and Earnings Management

Sezer, Ozcan; Employee and Managerial Stock Options and Share Repurchases Decisions by Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Stone, Gregory; The Influence of the Standard Setter on Performance Standards

Tarafdar, Monideepa; Strategic Design of Websites: How Do Website Characteristics Affect Website Performance?

Yonker, Robert; Individual Differences and Egocentrism in Negotiations: Who Is Most Likely To Exhibit The Bias?

deArce Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research and Development Program

Hinman, Channing; Proteomic Identification of a Leukemic T-Cell Receptor for the Cyclic Anti-Cancer Peptide L1AD3

Lin, Yun-Ming; Syntheses of Natural Product Analogues as Novel Antiangiogenic Antitumor Agents

McInerney, Marcia; Insulin Receptor Positive T-cell Transgenic Mice

Quinn, Anthony; Autoimmunity and Organ-Specific Autoimmune Disease

Scheuermann, Barry; The Effects of Fitness and Exercise Modality on Pulsatile Blood Flow and Nitric Oxide Mediated Vasodilatation

Taylor, William; Regulation of the G2/M Transition by Tumor Suppressor P53

Wall, Katherine; Interleukin 12 Effects on Muscle in Myasthenia Gravis

Archaeological Research Fund
  • Harrell, James; Geoarchaeological Fieldwork in Egypt - Summer 2004
Proposal Preparation Mini-Grants to Federal Agencies

Pizza, Frank; Interplay between Skeletal Muscle and Neutrophils

Seligman, Laura
; Bibliotherapy Treatment for Youth with Anxiety Disorders

Visiting Faculty Research Program
Goel, Vijay; Biochemical, Biomechanical and Genetic Assessment of Ligamentum Flavum Hypertrophy in Patient With Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenoisis

Parvin, Azadeh
; Optimum Configuration of FRP Laminates for Reinforced Concrete Members
Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Awards
Coleman, Maria et al; Molecular Scale Synthesis and Modification of Inorganic-Polymeric Materials
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