Research and Sponsored Programs

URAF Awardees 2010


Melissa Gregory

Victorian Afterlives in 9/11 Fiction

Holley Hey

The Dum Dum Capitol of the World

Cynthia Jo Ingham

From the "Soul of the Nation" to the Soul of the Indian: Mission History in the Nineteenth Century

Tammy Kinsey

Reflections on Rapa Nui

Yakov Lapitsky

Directed Assembly of Polyelectrolyte-Based Smart Materials

Edmund Lingan

The Theatre of the Occult Revival: Performance and the Construction of New Religions

Andrew Mattison

Fictive Music: Lyric Poetry's Mythos of Origin, 1550-1700

Willie McKether

Regional Sustainability and Green Industries: An Ethnographic and Social-Network Approach

Kristina Reuille

Psychometric Testing of the Cancer Treatment-related Fatigue Representation Scale in Patients Receiving Treatment for Cancer

Oleg Smirnov

A Spatial Model of Discrete Health Outcomes

Weiqing Sun

Isolation-Enabled Role-Based Access Control Model

Jami Taylor

Public Service Motivation in ROTC cadets and Military Personnel

Lingfeng Wang

Power Grid Reliability Enhancement Using Energy Storage and Flexible AC Transmission Devices for Higher Penetration of Wind Power

Jianglong Zhu

A Novel Method for the synthesis of 2-Deoxy-glycosides


John Bellizzi

Structural and functional characterization of proteins involved in human sleep disorders

Kathryn Eisenmann

A role for mammalian diaphanous-related formin mDia2 in ovarian cancer invasion and metastasis

Youngwoo Seo

Developing a DNA-Aptamer-Based Sensor to Detect Pathogenic Biofilm Formation on Medical Devices

Robert Steven

Dystrophin and Rho GTPase Interactions in C. elegans


Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Awards

David Weldy

(with Michael Dennis, Joshua Park, Barry Scheuermann and Xin Wang

Response of Neurotrophic Factors, Cerebral Imaging and Cognition to Exercise


James Slama

(with David Giovannucci, Katherine Wall and Timothy Walseth

The NAADP Receptor and Calcium Signaling



Mark Mason

(with Maria Coleman, Saleh Jabarin and Connie Schall)

Conversion of Biomass to Chemical Precursors and Polymers


Jon Kirchhoff

(with Robert Collins, A. H. Jayatissa and Viranga Tillekeratne)

Molecular Wire Electrocatalysts for Biomarker Detection

Mini-Grant Awards

John Bellizzi

Structural Investigations of bHLH-PAS Circadian Oscillator Proteins

Deborah Chadee

Regulation of Mixed Lineage Kinase 3 by the Tumor Suppressor Protein Merlin

Mohammad Elahinia

Multifunction Pedicle Screw to Mitigate Osteoporotic Bone Degradation

Joseph Schmidt

Separation of Lanthanides and Their Subsequent Use in Novel Homoleptic Organometallic Complexes

Visiting Faculty

Yong Gan

Investigating Chemical and Mechanical Effects on Surface Structure Generation During Micro- and Nanomachining


Lingfeng Wang


Grid Connected Power Electronics Converter Control Using Intelligent and Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Integrating Renewable Energy Sources

Archaeological Research Endowment Fund

David Stothers

Indian Hills Radiocarbon Dating Project

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