Research and Sponsored Programs


Summer Research Awards and Fellowships
Arts and Humanities
Roberto Padilla, II War in the Times of Cholera: Conceptualizations of a Disease During the Sino-Japanese Conflict (1894-1895)
Parama Sarkar The Indian Writer as Indo-Chic: Recent Trends in the Marketing and Cultural Consumption of Indian/South Asian Women's Writing
Ben Stroud Uncertainty in the Borgias' Rome: Researching and Drafting Caput Mundi
William Barry Whittaker Body Language: An International Collaborative Game
Social Sciences
Mark Gleim Does the Green Shoe Fit? Taking Steps to Ensure a Successful Green Marketing Strategy
Sachin Modi Employment Compensation Level, Services Sourcing and Hospital Performance
Alexey Petkevich Sources of Momentum in Bonds
Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering
Liangbo Hu A Numerical Model for Soil-Pipeline Interaction
Dragan Isailovic Visible-Wavelength MALDI-MS Imaging Under Atmospheric Pressure
Rong Liu Efficient Estimation of Error Distribution Function in Autoregressive Model
Brian Pietrosimone Shifting Paradigms in Nonsurgical Knee Osteoarthritis Treatments
deArce-Koch Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research and Development
Deborah Chadee MLK4 Beta Regulation of MAPK Signaling and Cell Invasion
Nicholas Chiaia &
Bryan Yamamoto 
Neurotoxicity of Amphetamine Derivatives and Impact on Cortical Development
Viviana Ferreira Properdin-Mediated Complement Activation on Platelets: Role in Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease 
Jennifer Hill  Leptin Signaling in POMC Neurons Regulates HDL Cholesterol Metabolism
Donald Ronning  Understanding and Inhibiting Genome Structural organization in Mycobacteria 
Biomedical Innovation Research Program
Kenneth Hensley Developing Small Molecules to Boost CRMP2 Function in Neurodisease
Stanislaw Stepkowski  Induction of Complete Tolerance to Islet Allografts in Type 1 Diabetic Recipients
Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Program
Sridhar Viamajala
Sasidhar Varanasi
Kana Yamamoto
Dragan Isailovic

Fuels and Products from Alkaliphilic Microalgae
Michael Tevald
Charles Armstrong
Brian Pietrosimone
Jason Levine
Kafai Lai
 Power Training and Knee Osteoarthritis
Visiting Faculty Researcher Program
Liangbo Hu Investigating Seabed Soil-Pipe Interaction of Oil/Gas Pipelines
Ming-Cheh Liu Biochemistry and Structural Biology of a Highly Conserved Brain Sulfotransferase
Viranga Tillekeratne Characterization and Semisynthetic Modifications of Bioactive Cytochalasins
Eda Yildirim-Ayan Novel Plasma Device for Cell Activation/Deactivation in 3D Tissue-like Microenvironment
Phase 0 SBIR/STTR Program
Lingfeng Wang Intelligent Control and Optimization of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings
Richard Becker Algorithm Development for Satellite Remote Sensing of Chlorophyll-A, Cyanobacteria and Phosphorus
Last Updated: 2/21/20