Office of Residence Life

Current Student Application Process


  • Current resident housing applications for the 2024-25 academic year will open on December 11, 2023.
  • The priority application deadline for current students is February 23, 2024. Current residents that complete the housing application by the priority deadline will be able to renew their room or self-select a different room during the current student room selection period, March 12-22, 2024.
  • Please note that the online housing application available via myUT is the only one that we offer. If you do not have access to a computer or need assistance with your application, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 419.530.2941 or


Step 1: Apply

  • Access the University Housing application via the myUT portal by selecting "University Housing Application" under the Student tab.
  • Select the term "Fall 2024" (the housing contract is for the 2024-25 academic year, including both fall and spring semesters).
  • Select "Housing Application" from the menu at the top of the page for the steps necessary to complete the online housing application.

Step 2: Receive Your Room Selection Timeslot

  • Current residents with a completed housing application by February 23, 2024, the priority application deadline, will receive an email with their room selection timeslot to renew their room or select a different room.
  • Students that complete their housing application after the priority deadline will be assigned a room on a rolling basis beginning March 29, 2024.

Step 3: Pick Your Room

  • Log back into your University Housing Application during your timeslot to pick your room. Timeslots will be between March 12-22, 2024 for current residents with a completed housing application by the priority deadline, February 23, 2024.



What if I want to cancel prior to the semester starting?
If you are a returning student who is not planning to return, or if you are not required to live on campus and choose to cancel your University Housing contract, email with your request. When you email, please include your Rocket Number and explain your situation. Please note that cancellation fees may apply. 

What if I want to cancel during the semester?
You will need to submit a contract cancellation request. Please note that cancellation fees may apply. 

How do I know my application is complete?
There are multiple ways to check to ensure your application is complete.

1. You will be sent an automated email once you complete your housing application.
2. Your application status can be viewed within the housing portal.


How do I find a roommate? 
The Roommate Groups page in the application will walk you through the process.

Your profile answers will be compared to other applicant profiles and a list of potential roommates who match your profile will be generated.  You may also search for a specific roommate by name. Only students who have applied for housing can be requested as roommates. You will be able to message potential roommates through the housing portal.

If you find someone that you would be interested in rooming with, you must send a roommate request within the housing portal.  Once the roommate request has been accepted, the student with the earlier room selection time slot can pull the confirmed roommate into that room. Roommate groups are not guaranteed to live together, group placement is dependent on space availability.

What if I don’t choose a roommate? 
Choosing your roommate is optional. 


Are there any fees for applying for housing?
There are no fees unless you have never lived on campus before.

What is the cost of housing for 2024-25?
Housing fees are billed in July for the fall semester. View the 2023-24 rates to give you an idea of typical rates. The 2024-25 rates will be posted in early spring. 

Can I mail in my payment?
No. All payments must be received online via the myUT Portal. If you cannot make payment online, contact the Office of Residence Life at 419.530.2941 or

Can my financial aid cover the housing application and pre-payment (deposit) fee?
No. In order to secure a housing assignment, we need the payment at the time of the application. If you are on a full-ride scholarship or cannot make payment online, contact the Office of Residence Life at 419.530.2941 or 

What should I do if I cannot make the payment now?
All fees are required at the time of application. If you cannot make payment online, contact the Office of Residence Life at 419.530.2941 or

Meal Plan

Do I have to be on a meal plan?
Yes! All students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan, except residents who live in McComas Village. Check out the Meal Plan page for meal plan options.

Last Updated: 12/8/23