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Highest Ranking

CONGRATULATIONS to the following

highest ranking students for fall 2017

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Course Section Instructor Student
 Administrative Law  Zoldan  Scott Goellnitz
 Appellate Procedure  Lammon  Blake Padget
 Business Associations  Barrett  Matthew Sorosiak
 Civil Procedure-Jurisdiction  Kilbert  Blake Padget
 Civil Procedure-Pleading and Practice  Lammon  Elizabeth Seedorf
 Commercial Paper  Bruce  Blake Padget
 Constitutional Law-Rights  Strang  Daniel Passon
 Constitutional Law-Structure  Strang  Ashley Weis
 Contracts I - 001 (day)  Porter  Elizabeth Seedorf
 Contracts I - 002 (evening)  Porter  Kathryn Sarver
 Creditor and Debtor Law  Bruce  Grant Hamel
 Criminal Post-Conviction Remedies Clinic  Rump  Lauren Daley
 Criminal Procedure-Adjudications  Exum  McKenna Klemz
 Criminal Procedure-Investigations  Steinbock  Benjamin Syroka
 Estate and Gift Tax  Moore  Nathan VanDenBerghe
 Evidence  Lammon  Thomas Kirkham
 Federal Income Tax  Moore  Eric Ricker
 Juvenile Law  Parish  Ella England
 Labor Law  Slater  Blake Padget
 Land Use Planning  Cavalieri  James Grandowicz
Lawyering Skills I - 001  Preston  Dana Koerner
 Lawyering Skills I - 002  Byrnes  Samantha Blochowski
 Lawyering Skills I - 003  Byrnes  Katelyn Davis
 Lawyering Skills I - 004  Preston  Benjamin Noll
 Lawyering Skills I - 005  Allen  Alia Kadri
 Lawyering Skills I - 006  O'Connell  Daniel Passon
 Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility  McPeak  Breanne Hitchen
 Occupational Safety and Health Law  Haak  Matthew Ritzman
 Patent Law  Ward  Kristie Gaedcke
 Property-Fundamentals of Ownership - 001 (day)  B. Kennedy  Daniel Passon 
 Property-Fundamentals of Ownership - 002  Cavalieri  Katelyn Davis
 Property-Fundamentals of Ownership - 003 (evening)  B. Kennedy  Andrew Wobser
 Secured Transactions  Gibbons  Nathan Smith
 Tax Controversy Clinic  Bourell  Gregg Byrne
 Torts - 001  Slater  Katelyn Davis
 Torts - 002  McPeak  Eli Boldt
 Trademarks  Gibbons  James Grandowicz
 White Collar Crime  Cameron  Breanne Hitchen
Last Updated: 2/2/18