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Highest Ranking

CONGRATULATIONS to the following

Highest Ranking Students for Fall 2014

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Course Name Instructor Student
Administrative Law Strang Michelle Kuipers
Advanced Contracts and Tort Problems Ryan Drew McDonell
Advanced Topics in Criminal Law Gilchrist Bryant Green
Antitrust Briley Alex Savickas
Art and Cultural Property Law B.Kennedy Paige Albjerg
Business Associations Chaffee Melissa VanGessel
Civil Advocacy Clinic Salem Zachary Laumer
Civil Procedure - Jurisdiction McCuskey Trisha Krewson
Civil Procedure - Pleading and Practice - 001 McCuskey Alan Nichols
Civil Procedure - Pleading and Practice - 002 Lammon Isaac Skaggs
Civil Procedure - Pleading and Practice - 003 Zoldan Nathan VanDenBerghe
Commercial Paper Bruce Matt Spitnale
Constitutional Law II Zietlow Zachary Cheslock
Contracts I - 001 Chaffee Nicholas Jacoby
Contracts I - 002 Davis Gabriel Tharp
Creditor and Debtor Law Whipple Melissa VanGessel
Criminal Law Practice Program R. Kennedy Trent Sulek
Criminal Procedure - Adjudication Gilchrist Brittany Fritsch
Criminal Procedure - Investigations Exum Selena Strickling
Dispute Resolution Clinic Fink Jonathon Walbom
Education Law Porter Trisha Krewson
Employment Discrimination Porter Zachary Cheslock
Entertainment Law Laterza Anthony Fye
Environmental Law Kilbert Stephanie Gurgol
Estate and Gift Tax Sobczak Benjamin Sutter
Evidence Lammon Nathan Benner
Family Law Knouse Sarah Laws
Federal Courts and Federal Rights Zietlow Richard Frelin
Health Care Fraud Litigation Zoldan Andrew Heberling
Immigration Law Hacker Benjamin Ruttan
International Law Davis Bryant Green
Labor Law Slater Steven Steel
Land Use Planning Cavalieri Jonathan Jones
Lawyering Skills I - 001 Allen Ashley Fosgate
Lawyering Skills I - 002 Byrnes Nicholas Huckaby
Lawyering Skills I - 003 Byrnes Isaac Skaggs
Lawyering Skills I - 004 O'Connell Steven Steel
Lawyering Skills I - 007 Preston Chelsea Hall
Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Martyn Stephanie Gurgol
Motor Vehicle Collisions Leizerman Alec Vogelpohl
Occupational Health and Safety Law Haak Christina Lowry
Post-Conviction Practicum Rump Steven Spitler
Property I - 001 B.Kennedy Rachel Johnson
Property I - 002 Cavalieri Kayla Smith
Property I - 003 Strang Lauren Smith
Remedies B. Kennedy Matthew Gunn
Secured Transactions Bruce Kayla Henderson
Sentencing Exum Stephanie McQueary
Shale Oil and Gas Hudson James Vasill
Torts - 001 McPeak Kaitlyn Filzer
Torts - 002 Martyn Lauren Smith
Torts - 003 Slater Jonathan Lischak
Toxic Substances Walker James Vasill
Trademarks Gibbons Misty Wood
Trial Practice Parish Megan Philbin
Trusts and Estates Moore Melissa VanGessel
Last Updated: 3/23/15