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Highest Ranking

CONGRATULATIONS to the following

highest ranking students for summer 2016

Please Note: If you have a privacy restriction on your record, your name will not appear on the following list.

Course Name Instructor Student
Appellate Advocacy Preston Sabina Veneziano
Commercial Paper Veltri Patrick Charest
Conflict of Laws Richman Jonathan Lischak
Constitutional Law I Strang Thomas Hobbs
Elder Law Chapman Amanda Blackburn
First Amendment Goetting Nathan VanDenBerghe
Law of Religious Freedom Friedman Anthony Garcia
Lawyering Skills II Preston Amanda Blackburn
Negotiation Skills Douglas Craig McKinney
Torts Karcher Nathan Smith



Highest Ranking Students for Spring 2016

Please Note: If you have a privacy restriction on your record, your name will not appear on the following list.


Course Name Instructor Student
Administrative Law Kilbert Trisha Krewson
Advanced Evidence Problems Ryan Garrett Keeton
Advanced Legal Research Goheen Nicholar Huckaby
Advanced Topics in Criminal Law Seminar Gilchrist Brian Roesti
Air Pollution Law Haak Matthew Gunn
Citizenship and Naturalization Law Mollo Kolet Buenavides
Civil Advocacy Clinic Salem Jenna Hohan
Civil Procedure-Jurisdiction McCuskey Kaitlyn Filzer
Conflict of Laws Lammon Kaitlyn Filzer
Constitutional Law I Strang Breanne Hitchen
Constitutional Law II Zietlow Elizabeth Bolduc
Constitutional Litigation Zietlow Eric Brown
Consumer Law Dixon Kolet Buenavides
Contracts II - 001 Chaffee Mitchell Guc
Contracts II - 002 Davis Nathan VanDenBerghe
Copyright Law Gibbons Joshua Higgins
Criminal Law Porter Blake Padget
Criminal Law Practice Program R. Kennedy Michael Allen
Criminal Procedure-Investigations Gilchrist Sarah Phipps
Disability Law Porter Paige Albjerg
Domestic Violence and Juvenile Law Clinic Nathan Eric Simpson
Employment Law Slater Kayla Henderson
Evidence Lammon Ashley Fosgate
Federal Income Tax Hood Brittany Fritsch
Food and Drug Law Seminar McCuskey Trisha Krewson
International Business Transactions Davis Brian Roesti
Juvenile Law Parish Michael Allen
Lawyering Skills I Byrnes Emina Causevic
Lawyering Skills II - 001 Allen Breanne Hitchen
Lawyering Skills II - 002 Byrnes Ramy Hijazi
Lawyering Skills II - 003 O'Connell Paul DeCorte
Lawyering Skills II - 004 Preston Sabina Veneziano
Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Martyn Kyle Jazwiecki
Legislation Zoladn Brian Boyd
Local Government Law Lopez Kolet Buenavides
Natural Resources Law Kilbert Kiah Treece
Property II - 001 B. Kennedy Sabina Veneziano
Property II - 002 Cavalieri Nathan VanDenBerghe
Public Sector Labor Law Seminar Slater Nathan Daniels
Reproductive Technology and the Law Seminar Knouse Sarah Phipps
Secured Transactions Gibbons Kyle Burdette
Sports Law Rapp Steven Steel
Trial Practice Duhart Kyle Davis
Trusts and Estates B. Kennedy Thomas Dunn


Please Note: If you have a privacy restriction on your record, your name will not appear on the following list.

Course Name Instructor Student
 Administrative Law Zoldan Steven Steel
 Advanced Contract and Tort Problems Ryan Alyssa Breyman
 Business Associations Rapp  Samantha Meiers
 Business Bankruptcy Bruce Nathan Benner
 Civil Procedure - Jurisdiction Kilbert Samantha Meiers
 Civil Procedure - Pleading and Practice - 001 Lammon Blake Padget
  Civil Procedure - Pleading and Practice - 002 McCuskey Breanne Hitchen
 Commercial Paper Bruce Brittany Fritsch
 Comparative Digital Copyright Law Mezei Kolet Buenavides
 Constitutional Law I Knouse Nathan VanDenBerghe
 Constitutional Law II Knouse Trisha Krewson
 Contracts I - 001 Chaffee Mitchell Guc
 Contracts I - 002 Davis Nathan Smith
 Criminal Appeals Clinic Rump Hassanayn Joseph
 Criminal Law Practice Program R. Kennedy Tamaris Henagan-Sprow
 Criminal Procedure - Adjudication Gilchrist Alyssa Breyman
 Criminal Procedure - Investigations Gilchrist Michael Sheehan
 Dispute Resolution Clinic Fink Elizabeth Ellison
 Domestic Violence and Juvenile Law Clinic Nathan Brittany Fritsch
 Employment Discrimination Porter Lauren Carpenter
 Employment Law Drafting Wise Steven Steel
 Environmental Law Kilbert Florianne Silvestri
 Evidence Lammon Nicholas Huckaby
 Federal Income Tax Chaffee Padraic McClure
 Feminist Legal Theory Seminar Porter Michelle Armstrong
 Health Law McCuskey Trisha Krewson
 International Law Davis Brett Schuelke
 Labor Law Slater Catherine Villanueva
 Lawyering Skills I - 001 Allen Breanne Hitchen
  Lawyering Skills I - 002 Byrnes Mitchell Guc
  Lawyering Skills I - 003 O'Connell Paul DeCorte
  Lawyering Skills I - 004 Preston Scott Goellnitz
 Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility McPeak Elizabeth Reinbrecht
 Motor Vehicle Collisions Leizerman Ashley Fosgate
 Occupational Safety and Health Law Haak Thomas Walsh
 Patent Law Ward Nicholas Jacoby
 Property I - 001 B. Kennedy Mitchell Guc
 Property I - 002 B. Kennedy Nathan Smith
 Secured Transactions Gibbons Brian Boyd
 Shale Oil and Gas Law Hudson Matthew Wilfong
 Torts - 001 McPeak Blake Padget
 Torts - 002 Slater Breanne Hitchen
 Trademarks Gibbons Andrea Young
 Trial Practice Parish Alyssa Breyman
 Trusts and Estates Chaffee Trisha Krewson

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