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Highest Ranking

CONGRATULATIONS to the following

highest ranking students for Spring 2018

Please Note: If you have a privacy restriction on your record, your name will not appear on the following list.

Course Section Instructor Student
 Administrative Law  Kilbert  Brianna Stephan
 Advanced Legal Research     Goheen      Adrianne Larbus
 Air Pollution Law  Haak  Atef Khalaf
 Business Associations  Barrett  Benjamin Syroka
 Civil Advocacy Clinic  Salem  Brianna Stephan
 Civil Procedure-Jurisdiction  McCuskey  Brandon Leal
 Constitutional Law-Rights   Strang  Matthew Ritzman
 Constitutional Law-Structure  Strang  Eli Boldt
 Contracts I  Chaffee  Erin O'Neil
 Contracts II - 001   Chaffee  Muheez Afolabi
 Contracts II - 002  Davis  Michael Aird
 Copyright Law   Gibbons  Amanda Westfall
 Criminal Law - 001   Exum  Hannah Duschl
 Criminal Law - 002   Gilchrist  Zachary DeSilvis
 Criminal Procedure-Adjudications   Gilchrist  Lorrie Rendle
 Employment Discrimination   Porter   Jordan Kral
 Employment Law  Slater  Blake Padget
 Environmental Law  Kilbert    Mitchell Guc
 Evidence  Lammon  Benjamin Syroka
 Family Law  R. Kennedy  Leah Kastl
 Federal Income Tax  Moore  Breanne Hitchen
 Health Law  McCuskey  Paul DeCorte
 Higher Education Law  Porter  Ella England
 Immigration Law  Mollo  Scott Goellnitz
 Intellectual Property and Licensing  Gibbons  Nathan Smith
 Lawyering Skills I  Byrnes  Megan Maynhart
 Lawyering Skills II - 001  Preston  Tessa Bayly
 Lawyering Skills II - 002   Preston  Benjamin Noll
 Lawyering Skills II - 003  O'Connell     Erin Kelly
 Lawyering Skills II - 004   O'Connell  Daniel Passon
 Lawyering Skills II - 005  Allen  Alia Kadri
 Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility   Martyn  Brandy Brown
 Property-Transactions and Land Use - 001 (day)  B. Kennedy  Daniel Passon
 Property-Transactions and Land Use - 002  Cavalieri  Muheez Afolabi
 Property-Transactions and Land Use - 003 (evening)    B. Kennedy  Michael Aird
 Public Sector Labor Law Seminar   Slater  Scott Goellnitz
 Secured Transactions  Bruce  McKenna Klemz
 Sentencing  Exum  McKenna Klemz
 Social Media Discovery   McPeak  Thomas Kirkham
 Sports Law  Parish  Bridget Beattie-Smith
 Tax Controversy Clinic  Bourell  Ashley Weis
 Trial Practice     Duhart  Adam Borgman
 Trusts and Estates  Moore  Breanne Hitchen
Last Updated: 6/12/18