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Calling all change agents. Artists and performers. Leaders and trendsetters. Explorers and scholars. Ambassadors and advocates. This is where you hone your talents and prepare for the future. The University of Toledo College of Arts and Letters is where you find your purpose and fuel your tomorrow.

We know you've got ambitions. You're driven and eager to make your mark. The College of Arts and Letters is ready to help you meet your goals. We have many diverse degrees and programs to engage your skills and interests, and we provide the support you need to help you achieve your best.

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Explore College of Arts and Letters Degrees

To see the many degrees we offer in our college both at the undergraduate level and graduate level, visit our College of Arts and Letters homepage and choose an area of interest to see a list of degrees. Click on a degree to learn more about that degree, what you can do with it, options within the program, plus hear from our alumni.

Next Steps for New Rockets

Already admitted to the University of Toledo College of Arts and Letters? Click Next Steps for New Rockets if you're wondering what happens next and how to join in the fun of everything UToledo has to offer new students. You'll see how to find things to do and learn about exciting extras available only to majors in your college, plus a whole lot more. It's all personalized to you. Check it out today!


First-year and transfer students majoring in Data Analytics, Economics or Geography are eligible for the Ohio First Scholarship. Learn more...


Last Updated: 6/27/22