American Language Institute

How to Apply

The American Language Institute thanks you for your interest in the program with The University of Toledo.  Please read all of the information in the form which can be downloaded from the link below. Carefully follow the instructions so that we can send you notification of your admission as soon as possible. To apply for admission, complete the application forms and return your completed application packet to:


Outside of the United States:The American Langauge In ALI

    • Spring semester: October 1st
    • Summer semester: March 1st
    • Fall semester: May 1st

Inside of the United States (international US transfers):

    • Spring semester: November 1st
    • Summer semester: April 1st
    • Fall semester: June 1St


ALI Paper Application 

You may also apply by filling up the Application Form, and send the completed form to or

American Language Institute Application in English

American Language Institute Application in Arabic

American Language Institute Application in Chinese

A.L.I Program Costs




Last Updated: 4/23/18