Education Abroad Office

Getting Started


Congratulations On Taking The First Step Toward The Academic Adventure Of A Lifetime!

So you’re thinking about studying abroad? Well, congratulations because you are in the right place! The Education Abroad Office (EAO) is dedicated to helping our students find the right program fit not only for your academic goals, but for your personal goals as well.   


Here Are The 3 Steps That You Will Need To Go Through To Start Your Study Abroad Adventure:

Step 1: Watch the Info Session Video

Step 2: Schedule a First Step Meeting

Step 3: Schedule a Next Step Meeting



Watch the Information Session Video below! Move to STEP 2 if you are interested in setting up a First Step Meeting with a Study Abroad Coordinator.




CLICK HERE and schedule a First Step Meeting. (Please make sure you have already watched the STEP 1 video before scheduling for a meeting.)







Last Updated: 1/7/22