Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Alumni Relations

The graduates of the EECS department are well placed within the Electrical Engineering as well as the Computer Science and Engineering professions, at both national and international levels. The EECS department believes that an active relationship with alumni is of great benefit. The alumni help the department in achieving its strategic goals and objectives.

The department gives an "Outstanding Alumni Award" each year to someone who has been especially successful either in private business or in professional employment. For this purpose the EECS Department has established an Alumni and Awards Committee in order to recognize successful alumni. We would appreciate it if you could email us a brief bio including your contact information to mohammed.niamat@utoledo.edu.

Dr. Mohammed Niamat is the chairman of the EECS Alumni Relations and Awards Committee.

The committee members are:

  • Dr. Jackson Carvalho
  • Dr. Daniel Georgiev
  • Dr. Gerald Heuring

The principal function of this committee is to advise the department Chair on matters that pertain to Alumni Relations and Awards.

Last Updated: 6/30/19