Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Master's Degree Basic Requirements

The University of Toledo EECS department offers Masters degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. This page contains information regarding the requirements for completing an EECS Masters degree in either discipline, including both coursework and thesis. The Master of Science Degree is offered with the following options.

  1. Master of Science Degree with Thesis Option: A minimum of 30 credit hours of approved graduate study including 9 credit hours of MS Thesis under the supervision of an EECS faculty number is required. Students are required to successfully complete the oral defense of the thesis work, submitted typed copies of their thesis to the Graduate School and the department.

  2. Master of Science Degree with Non-Thesis Options: The degree requirements for Master of Science with Non-Thesis option are available with the approval of the Department Chair or the Department Graduate Program Director:
    1. Master of Science Degree with Project Option: Students are required to complete 30 credit hours of approved graduate study including 6 hours of Master of Science Project as specified by individual department guidelines and requirements (needs two members). Students are required to submit a bound, typed Project Report to the department.

    2. Master of Science Degree with Coursework-only Option:Students are required to complete 36 credit hours of approved graduate-level course work.

The students must complete the following additional requirements:

  • An approved Plan of Study.
  • A minimum of 18 hours of EECS courses (including thesis/project and independent study).
  • At least 6 hours of EECS courses at 6000 level excluding thesis and independent study.
  • 1 credit hour (included in the required 30 hours for the program) of the EECS graduate seminar course EECS 5930 with a maximum of two excused absences in the semester.
  • The student must be enrolled in a minimum of one credit hour in the semester of graduation.

Note: All M.S. graduate students in the EECS Department are encouraged to pursue a thesis option; however, students with Teaching/Research Assistantships will normally be required to write a thesis.

Students are encouraged to include higher level math courses in their program, subject to approval of their advisors. Courses taken on an audit basis do not count toward the degree.

Courses outside the College of Engineering require prior approval by the faculty advisor, EECS Graduate Program Director, and the EECS Department Chair.

In order to be awarded the Master of Science degree, the student must have at least a B average (GPA of 3.0/4.0) for all graduate course credits in his or her program of study as well as for his or her entire graduate transcript.


Plan of Study and Time Limit

Thesis Information

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