Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Emeritus Faculty

Jamali, Mohsin, Ph.D. - Professor


Research Areas: Hardware Implementation of Sensor Array Processing Algorithms, FPGA Based Systems, Application Specific Computer Architectures and In-vehicle Networks
Room: NI 2030 Phone: (419) 530-8162 
Email: mohsin.jamali@utoledo.edu Personal Website

Kapoor, Vikram, Ph.D. - Professor Emeritus


Research Areas: Nanotechnology, Biomedical Nanoelectronics, Solid-State Nanoelectronics for Microwave Space Communications & Power Systems
Room: NE 1009 Phone: (419) 530-8002 
Email: vikram.kapoor@utoledo.edu Personal Website

King, Roger, Ph.D.


Research Areas: Electronic Circuits, Power Electronics
Room: NI 2064 Phone: (419) 530-8188 
Email: roger.king@utoledo.edu Personal Website

Kwatra, Subhash, Ph.D. - Professor Emeritus


Research Areas: Communications Theory, Data Compression Director, Communications Laboratory
Room: NI 2039 
Email: skwatra@eng.utoledo.edu Personal Website

Stuart, Thomas, Ph.D.


Research Areas: Electrical Power Systems, Power Electronics 
Room: NI 2062 Phone: (419) 530-8189
Email: thomas.stuart@utoledo.edu

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