Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Hennen, Christie - Associate Director of Department Student Services


Room: NI 2008E 
Phone: (419) 530-3853 
Email: Christina.Hennen@utoledo.edu

Jacob, Tom - Electronic Tech II

Room: NE 1021 
Phone: (419) 530-8191 
Email: tom.jacob@utoledo.edu

Stockard, Sandra - Secretary

Room: NE 2008 
Phone: (419) 530-8140 
Email: sandra.stockard@utoledo.edu

Staff at CSE University Partnership Program, Lccc

Aguilar, Adrienne - Associate Director of Computer Science and Engineering Program

Room: UPRC 130-J 
Phone: (440) 327-2002 
Email: adrienne.aguilar@utoledo.edu

Last Updated: 9/13/19