Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Bachelor's Degree Information

Welcome to The University of Toledo and to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. As a freshman or transfer student at UT, you may have questions about your undergraduate engineering education.

Which degrees are offered?

Two degree programs are offered through the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: the bachelor of science in computer science and engineering (CSE) and the bachelor of science in electrical engineering (EE). These programs rely on a common scientific and mathematical foundation and possess common interests in electric circuits, electronics, signals and systems and computer-based systems.

The CSE program places greater emphasis on computer science and computer-related applications, including computer systems design, programming languages, networking and software engineering, while the EE program emphasizes computer hardware, electrical principles and related applications such as electronics design, microelectronics, energy systems, automatic control systems, signal analysis and communications. Both programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET. The CSE degree also is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET.

All engineering programs require humanities, social sciences and multicultural core electives. More detailed information is available in the departmental office and also may be accessed via the Undergraduate Forms page in EECS Resources.

Which classes will I take for my degree?

To view the flowchart showing all of the classes necessary for completing your Bachelors degree, go to the Undergraduate Forms page.

Online Registration: You can register for classes using any computer with internet access by accessing the student self services found on the home tab of the MyUt portal. You can login to the MyUt portal using your UTAD username and password.

In-person Registration: Complete a Course Request Form, meet with your advisor if you need to discuss any academic choices (optional), and go to the Rocket solution central in Rocket Hall 1200.

How can I adjust my schedule after I have already registered?

Schedule adjustment (dropping or adding classes) may be done online or in person.

Who is my advisor?

All undergraduate students can address questions and concerns to Christie Hennen, Academic Program Coordinator. Her office is in NI 2008-E, her phone number is (419) 530-3853, and her email is:


Dr. Richard Molyet, is the Undergraduate Program Director, for Computer Science Engineering. His office is in NI 2008-I, his phone number is (419) 530-8143, and his e-mail address is:


Are there two Undergraduate programs in EECS?

Yes, the EE and CSE undergraduate degree programs are separate degree programs; therefore a flowchart is available for each. It is possible to pursue a dual degree; however, both degree requirements must be completed in order to qualify for both degrees.

Who is my Department Chair?

Dr. Mansoor Alam is the Chair of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. His office is located in NI 2008-D, his phone number is (419) 530-8196, and his e-mail address is:


Last Updated: 6/30/19