Engineering Technology

Optional Cooperative Education Component (COE)

Students in the Information Technology program (or any ET program) are not required to participate in the College of Engineering’s cooperative education program. However, IT students may optionally elect to participate if they meet entry standards established by the Department.

All students who choose the co-op option and meet the entry standards are required to complete three co-op work experiences prior to graduation. When on a co-op assignment, students register for the one-hour course, ENGT 3940, which appears on their permanent transcript. After each work experience, both students and their employers complete and submit electronically an evaluation questionnaire. Employers are encouraged to discuss their evaluations with the students. Students may review their evaluations upon request. Completion of the evaluation questionnaire is required for the student to receive credit for the work experience.

The Engineering Career Management Center (ECMC), housed in the College of Engineering, has the responsibility of working with students and employers to place the students in appropriate co-op positions. One of the five co-op directors in the ECMC has primary responsibility for information technology students. The co-op directors also work with companies and departments to ensure that the co-op assignments represent meaningful technical work suitable to the student's major and level in school.

Any ET student interested in co-op must first complete ENGT 2000 Professional Development with a grade of C or better. IT students may complete the co-op application and be approved to participate in the co-op program. If an IT student is denied admission to the co-op program because they do not meet any of the established standards, they may reapply when deficiencies are corrected.

Last Updated: 6/27/22