Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Off Campus Affiliations


Student organizations are permitted to affiliate with organizations outside the UToledo system. The University gives certain privileges to its students and employees that may not be extended to non-UToledo affiliated persons such as access to facilities, free admission to events, etc. 


If a registered student organization is affiliated with a non-UToledo entity, it must be indicated in the organization’s constitution. People who are not current UToledo students may not vote, hold office, receive benefit from University funds, or direct the activities of a student organization. Click here for more information about constitutions.


Off-campus affiliates may serve as organization advisors but the organization must still have at least one advisor who is a UToledo employee. Off-campus advisors may request an online account by submitting the UToledo Affiliate Request form. This gives access to the myUT portal, the Involvement Network, and a UToledo email address. Click here for more information about advisors.


Organization budgets and special funding issued through the University come from student general fees and may in no way support non-UToledo agencies or non-UToledo students. This includes travel and food purchased from UToledo budgets. Click for more information about student organization funding and banking.

Last Updated: 6/27/22