Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program


Full-Time Faculty

All the full-time OTD program faculty are doctorally prepared and nationally recognized for scholarship, teaching, and service.  The faculty have contributed to the advancement of practice and the body of knowledge in occupational therapy through research, presentations, publications, and service to the profession.  In addition, a stellar group of community occupational therapists serve as adjunct faculty, guest lecturers, fieldwork supervisors, and capstone site mentors. 

Beth Ann Hatkevich, Ph.D, OTR/L, FAOTA - Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Educaitonal Programming, Dr. Hatkevich has expertise with sensory processing strategies as it relates to adolescent and adult performance deficits.  She has a strong clinical background and has worked with various populations in both rehabilitation and mental health settings.  She is a leader in community based treatment models for occupational therapy practice.  She also has a strong interest in learning and teaching strategies and client motivational factors. BethAnn.Hatkevich@UToledo.edu

Susan Margaret (Maggie) Maloney, PhD, OTR/L (Retired) - Dr. Maggie Maloney retired in June 2023. Assistant Professor, Dr. Maloney has practiced and taught occupational therapy for almost two decades.  As a clinician, she worked primarily in the areas behavioral health, wellness promotion, and drug and alcohol addiction.  Her scholarly interests and research projects have investigated issues surrounding university student mental health and substance abuse; student time use patterns; health benefits of serious leisure pursuits; psychosocial issues surrounding cancer treatment and recovery; occupational imbalance and occupational dysfunction; and the benefits of community-based service-learning and interprofessional education (IPE) programming. Susan.Maloney@utoledo.edu

Alexia E. Metz, Ph.D., OTR/L  - Associate Professor, Director, Occupational Therapy Program.  Dr. Metz has practiced primarily in pediatrics in a variety of settings.  She completed her graduate work in neuroscience because of her interest researching the neural mechanisms of sensory processing disorders and treatment.  She contributes to the curriculum in the areas of neuroanatomy & physiology, neurological impairment, child development & conditions, and pediatric treatment approaches. Alexia.Metz@UToledo.edu

Laura Schmelzer Ph.D., OTR/L - Assistant Professor. Dr. Schmelzer's clinical expertise is focused on adults who have incurred neurological and/or orthopedic injuries. Her research interests include developing and implementing occupation-based and community focused programs for marginalized populations. Curriculum contributions include biomechanical assessment and intervention, clinical reasoning, advocacy and leadership. Laura.Schmelzer@utoledo.edu

Nicole Stotz, OTD, OTR/L - Clinical Associate Professor. Dr. Stotz has clinical expertise with the adult and geriatric populations in various therapeutic settings. Her teaching responsibilities include courses focused on fieldwork, communication, professional development, ethics, and clinical documentation.  She is the Coordinator of Fieldwork and Professional Development in the Occupational Therapy Program which involves arranging fieldwork placements for students throughout the program, monitoring students during fieldwork experiences, and mentoring students. Nicole.stotz@utoledo.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Ally Baar, OTD, OTR/L. Dr. Baar works in behavioral health at the University of Toledo Medical Center.

Mary Dumas, OTD, OTR/L, CTEAS-I. Dr. Dumas works in hand therapy.  She guest lectures about worker rehabilitation and physical agent modalities.

Kelly Gelske, OTD, OTR/L. Dr. Gelske works in special needs preschool program.  She teaches our Foundations and Program Development courses.

Lindsay Riegle, OTD, OTR/L, LSVT.  Dr. Riegle works in OT evaluation and home health. She teaches our Case-Based Lifespan course.

Emily Smith, OTD, OTR/L. Dr. Smith works at the University of Toledo Medical Center in outpatient rehabilitation and hand therapy.  She assists with labs and skills competencies. 

Rachel Stanton, MS, OTR/L. Mrs. Stanton works in acute care and is earning her PhD in Health Education at UToledo.  She teaches our Neurorehabilitation course and assists with labs and skills competencies. 

Last Updated: 8/25/23