Jesup Scott Honors College

Presidents Hall###

Dedicated Honors Housing

UToledo Honors students have the option of living in residence halls designed specifically for them, encouraging a community of like-minded learners who grow stronger together. Whether through study groups hosted in cozy lounge spaces or the fun programming that transforms roommates into best friends, Honors housing prepares our Rockets for success as professionals and as people.

Honors Academic Village

Honors Academic Village

In UToledo's newest constructed residence hall, HAV residents enjoy apartment-style living with private restrooms and amenities such as an onsite gym. Learn more.


Though Honors students are able to reside in any residence hall on campus, dedicated space exists for them in Presidents Hall. Learn more.

Homecoming Parade

Honors Community

Create lifelong memories through Honors game nights on campus as well as on our trips to amusement parks, baseball games, and symphonic performances. Learn more.
Academic Village 
Last Updated: 7/15/24