Jesup Scott Honors College


As part of the Honors Academic Village, Jesup Scott Honors College students enjoy an environment that is both challenging and nurturing.Whether working on a research project with a faculty member,discussing interdisciplinary topics in Honors seminars,or participating in Honors social events,they are members of a community that is conducive to intellectual growth and discovery.

Earning the Honors Medallionmedallion

In order to graduate with the Honors College diploma and medallion, a student must:

- Complete all requirements for an approved degree program within the college of his or her major. 

- Complete a minimum of 33 semester hours of Honors courses. Honors courses are of two kinds – those   offered by the Honors College and those offered by various departments and colleges. Of the 33 hours required, six semester hours of Honors Readings Conference (HON 1010 and HON 1020) must be completed by all Honors College students. Depending upon the student’s college and major, the remaining Honors hours may include:

a. HON 2020 (Multicultural Literatures: The North American Experience) or HON 2030 (Multicultural Literatures: The Non-European World).

b. One or more of the Honors upper-division interdisciplinary seminars offered through the Honors College (HON 4950 and 4960).

c. General education courses offered as Honors.

d. Honors courses offered in the student’s major.

e. Non-Honors courses contracted with the course instructor for Honors credit.

  • Earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.3.
  • Complete an Honors thesis or project.
  • Complete any additional requirements for Honors set by the major department or college of the major.

Honors banquet group photoTo remain in good standing in the Jesup Scott Honors College, Honors student must maintain the overall GPA established by the college of their major and make satisfactory progress toward fulfillment of the requirements for a degree with Honors.


Last Updated: 6/9/16