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New Books and Media at the University Libraries

The list of new book and media purchases for the current month is available here. In addition, lists of new purchases from previous months are available. The lists are in Library of Congress Call Number order  - use your browser's Find on Page feature to jump to a section. 

Recommending Materials for Purchase

Have a suggestion?

You can make a suggestion for materials to be purchased for the Library by using this form.  Faculty members, you may contact the Library Liaison for your area or contact Sheryl Stevens, Director of Collections Services. To request materials for the College of Law, please contact the Law Library directly.

Library Liaisons & Department Representatives

Library liaisons and Department representatives work together in order to identify and maintain resources that enhance our academic collections and support the curricular and research needs of the University Community. See the Liaison List for the name of your Library liaison and Department representative.

Donating Materials to the University Libraries

The University of Toledo Libraries will consider donations of materials that complement existing collections or significantly enhance collections having a special focus (such as local history). All donations must be preapproved with no restrictions attached to their use, location or disposition. Donors assume the responsibility of transporting or shipping any approved gifts. All donations become property of The University of Toledo Libraries.

Please note that due to space constraints and the high cost of processing donations, we are no longer able to accept the following types of materials:

  • Popular books
  • Old textbooks
  • Duplicates of books already owned (except under unusual circumstances)
  • Damaged books (except under unusual circumstances)
  • Encyclopedias
  • Journals and popular magazines
  • Videocassettes, CDs, LPs, or DVDs

Preapproved donations will be acknowledged with a confirmation letter. Regretfully, donations dropped off without preapproval cannot be acknowledged with a confirmation letter. Due to legal restrictions, we are unable to provide an appraised value of donated items for tax purposes. Please consult the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property, for additional information and assistance. 

If you are interested in donating materials to The University of Toledo Libraries, please contact Sheryl Stevens, Director of Collection Services at (e-mail) or 419.530.7981 (phone). If the materials are rare or unique, such as rare books, items of local historical interest, personal papers or manuscripts, please inquire with the Canaday Center for Special Collections.

For other donation options, please consult the following web sites:

Thank you for your interest in supporting The University of Toledo Libraries.

Last Updated: 7/1/19