Department of Cell and Cancer Biology

Robert J. Trumbly, Ph.D.

Director of Block 1, Medical Curriculum
Department of Medical Education
Professor of Cell and Cancer Biology


B.A. 1975 Botany University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. 1980 Genetics University of California, Davis


My major focus over the past few years has been in education. I am co-director for the Human Blueprint system for first year medical students. I am the course director for Molecular Cell Biology course taken by students in the MSBS-Medical Sciences program, as well as director of Fundamentals of Bioinformatics for students in the bioinformatics program.  I participated along with many other faculty in the development of the new medical school curriculum which was launched in the fall of 2017. The new curriculum has introduced more active learning approaches and the earlier introduction of clinical experiences.

Research interests. My present research focus is using bioinformatics approaches to analyze the role of transcriptional regulation in cancer, primarily prostate and breast cancer. For the past several years I have collaborated with Dr. Kam Yeung of this department in the analysis of patterns of gene expression mediating the role of the RKIP metastasis suppressor in cancer progression. By using pathway analysis we recently found that expression of RKIP in breast cancer is negatively associated with the expression of immune response genes. I have also worked with Dr. Ivana de la Serna in this department in her studies of the role of chromatin structure in control of melanoma progression. 




Last Updated: 6/27/22