Psychiatry Residency Program

Subspecialty Experiences

Our subspecialty experiences include:

Geriatric Psychiatry

  • Residents get the unique opportunity to work closely with the geriatric patient population during inpatient rotations at the Senior Behavioral Health Unit on the UTMC Health Science Campus.  Common diagnoses on the inpatient unit include cognitive disorders, dementia with behavioral disturbances, as well as depression and mood disorders.  
  • Additional geriatric exposure occurs during outpatient rotations at the Ruppert Health Center with a geriatric psychiatrist.  
  • Experiences and electives are also available with board certified neuropsychologists, and electroconvulsive therapy with the geriatric population.

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

  • The residents provide psychiatric consultation services at the University of Toledo Medical Center (both the hospital floors and the emergency room), under the directorship of a CL psychiatrist for adult patients, and geriatric psychiatrists for consult requests for those aged 55 and older. Residents rotate on this service during shift coverage as a PGY1, full rotations months during their PGY 2 year, and it is a service covered while on-call.
  • Elective opportunity during PGY4 year to rotate as an embedded psychiatric consultant to the internal medicine hospital team at Toledo Hospital.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

  • Residents rotate through inpatient and outpatient child and adolescent psychiatry at the Kobacker Center on the UTMC Health Science Campus. This gives the residents experience working with social workers and families as well as board certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists.
  • If residents are interested, they can have a half day every week of outpatient child & adolescent clinic during their outpatient PGY3 year.
  • If residents are interested, they can be assigned to a child & adolescent psychiatrist for their weekly supervision.
  • The inpatient child & adolescent unit is covered while on call; this means that a resident is getting continual exposure to the subspecialty throughout their 3 years of taking call.

Forensic Psychiatry

  • In an inpatient setting, forensic psychiatry is experienced through rotations at Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (NOPH), during PGY1 year and available as an elective during PGY4 year.  NOPH serves the individuals who have been transferred from jails requiring psychiatric hospitalization,  those individuals who have been found incompetent to stand trial (IST) or not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI), and those who have been involuntary committed or requiring forced medications under civil statutes. 
  • In an outpatient setting, during  PGY3 year each resident rotates several months at Unison Behavioral Health with a forensic assertive community treatment team, with a caseload of those patients who had been found NGRI but are now on Conditional Release.
  • Forensic psychiatry from a civil perspective is practiced continually regarding emergency involuntary commitments, decision making capacity, guardianship, and the opportunity to testify at Probate court as indicated.

Addiction Psychiatry

  • Residents rotate through the Detox Unit at UTMC, and have the opportunity to work in the outpatient side through Recovery Services. Residents can also work in a buprenorphine clinic as part of the rotation.
  • As a PGY4 elective, residents can rotate at Flower hospital inpatient psychiatry again, but with a focus on addiction medicine.

Sleep Medicine

  • This is available as an elective during PGY4 year
  • Didactics are provided by a Sleep medicine boarded psychiatrist

Public & Community Psychiatry

  • Residents rotate through community mental health clinics longitudinally during PGY3 year, with an Assertive Community Treatment team (Zepf Center, Unison for forensic).
  • As a PGY4 elective, residents can rotate at a community mental health center
  • Many opportunities to attend public & community mental health events (e.g. mental health board meetings, NAMI events, psychoeducational seminars)

Last Updated: 7/15/24