Psychiatry Residency Program

General Psychiatry Residency Benefits

UToledo Graduate Medical Education Benefits
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BenefitsDepartment-Specific Benefits

3 weeks/15 days for PG-1, and 4 weeks/20 days thereafter.

Conference Time
1 week/5 days

Sick Leave
15 working days

Paternity Leave
5 working days with pay taken from sick leave

Maternity Leave

Sick leave is used first, then vacation time up to that allowable with pay. Further leave is available without pay.

Paid Leave

FMLA is available after 1 year of employment. The amount paid for FMLA is dependent on how much sick and vacation time the resident has available.

10 paid holidays per year.

Career Services for Spouses/Domestic Partners
The UT Career Services assists spouses and domestic partners of residents in their job search through: exploring career and local employment opportunities; CV/resume and cover letter review and feedback; and practice mock interviews.

All meals on campus are charged at a discounted rate. Residents also receive cafeteria meal voucher for each call shift.

Computer Services

Readily accessed (no charge) to Internet, Med Line, and Institutional network (e.g., Ohio Link).

Professional Memberships

As part of residency, all residents will receive complimentary membership into the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and American Medical Association (AMA). 

Residents have access to a stipend for educational purchases. The department covers the cost of many core textbooks, and supports most travel costs if a resident is presenting at a conference. 

For more information, visit the University of Toledo's Graduate Medical Education website.

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Last Updated: 9/18/23