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Non-Clinical Electives

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permit required? 

MDED: Sometimes
INDI: Yes 

Electives requiring permit 

INDI 742, MDED 701, MDED 702, MDED 707

Electives not requiring a permit 

ANAT 710, ANAT 711, RADI 710, PATH 713, PATH 718, PATH 789, MDED 705, MDED 706, MDED 796

When do I request a permit? 

INDI 742: Speak with Dr. Woodson prior to registration opening

MDED 701/702: Prior to registration-must meet with Dr. Matus to discuss proposed project and elective requirements

MDED 707: Prior to registration-must contact Brian Miller

When will I be notified of the status of my permit request? 

INDI 742, MDED 701/702, MDED 707: At time of meeting

How is the decision to grant a permit decided? 

INDI 742: Based on availability/first come, first served 

MDED 701/702: Once appropriate project is clarified, permit will be granted

MDED 707: First come, first served

Non-Clinical Electives



Last Updated: 6/27/22