College of Medicine and Life Sciences - Commencement

Regalia and Hooding

All Graduates and Special Hooders are required to wear the appropriate regalia at Commencement: this includes a gown, hood, hat and tassel. 

Special Hooders should have a hood appropriate to their university and degree.

Student regalia has green velvet for M.D. degree, royal blue for Ph.D. degree, and golden yellow for MSBS.

Students will hold their hoods at the seats until they are ushered to the lower stage along with their Special Hooder (note Class Hooders will be on the stage).

The student order of presentation and hooding:  Ph.D. with certificates, Ph.D., MSBS, M.D./Ph.D., M.D./M.B.A., M.D./Pathology Certificate, M.D./M.P.H., M.D./J.D., M.D.

If using Special Hooder:

  1. As you are waiting in line prior to walking on lower stage, hand hood to hooder.
  2. Hooder should hold hood looped over both hands with black point facing them and point of velvet facing outward.
  3. Walk out to onto the floor in front of the stage as the student and hooder are announced.
  4. Hooder stop on stage at the specific marked spots for special hooders
  5. Student stands in front of the hooder and turns to face the audience.
  6. Hooder places hood over student’s head/cap and adjusts. Student may need to stoop down to be hooded, depending on height differences.

If using Class Hooder:

  1. Student holds hood looped over both hands with velvet point and top button loop facing towards themselves.
  2. Student carries hood onto the floor in front of the stage as name is read.
  3. Student stands in front of the hooder box (may use either Class Hooder).
  4. Hood is handed to the Class Hooder.
  5. Student turns and faces the audience.
  6. Hooder places hood over student’s head and adjusts the hood.

After hooding:

  1. Student and hooder continues walking to the other side to pick up diploma cover.
  2. Student will be directed to the photo booth; hooder will head back to seat.
  3. Students will be escorted back to the student seating section.
  4. Special hooders will be directed to seats.

NOTE:  Special Hooders and Students are to remain in the seating area until after the Platform party and faculty have exited.  Then they are free to leave, take photos, meet family, etc.


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Last Updated: 5/9/23