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2019 Commencement information 

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Hooding Instructions and Regalia

All Graduates and Special Hooders are required to wear the appropriate regalia at Commencement: this includes a gown, hood, hat and tassel.  

Special Hooders should have a hood appropriate to their university and degree.

Student regalia has green velvet for MD degree, royal blue for Ph.D degree, and golden yellow for MSBS.

Students will hold their hoods at the seats until they are ushered to the lower stage along with their Special Hooder (note Class Hooders will be on the stage).

The student order of presentation and hooding:  Ph.D. with certificates, Ph.D., MSBS, MD/Ph.D, MD/MBA, MD/Pathology Certificate, MD/MPH, MD/JD, MD.

If using Special Hooder:

  1. As you are waiting in line prior to walking on lower stage, hand hood to hooder.
  2. Hooder should hold hood looped over both hands with black point facing them and point of velvet facing outward.  
  3. Walk out onto lower stage as the student and hooder are announced.
  4. Hooder stop on stage at the specific marked spots for special hooders
  5. Student stands in front of the hooder and turns to face the audience. 
  6. Hooder places hood over student’s head/cap and adjusts.  Student may need to stoop down to be hooded, depending on height differences.

If using Class Hooder:

  1. Student holds hood looped over both hands with velvet point and top button loop facing towards themselves.  
  2. Student carries hood onto lower stage as name is read.
  3. Student stands in front of the hooder box (may use either Class Hooder)
  4. Hood is handed to the Class Hooder
  5. Student turns and faces the audience
  6. Hooder places hood over student’s head and adjusts the hood. 

After hooding:

  1. Student walks over to shake hands with Dean(s) 
  2. Student and hooder continues down ramp to pick up diploma cover
  3. Student and hooder will be directed to the photo booths if photo is desired.
  4. Student will pick up alumni gift
  5. Students will be escorted back to the student seating section
  6. Special hooders will be directed to seating area behind the faculty.

NOTE:  Special Hooders and Students are to remain in the seating area until after the Platform party and faculty have exited.  Then they are free to leave, take photos, meet family, etc.

Graduation Questionnaire (GQ)

Students are reminded to complete the AAMC's Medical School Graduation Questionnaire (GQ) before Commencement Day. The national questionnaire is completely confidential and is an important tool for medical schools to use in program evaluation and to improve the medical student experience. Students can find a link to the survey in their email from Learn more


Parking map for College of Medicine Commencement

All graduates should arrive at 2:30 p.m. 

Map of parking for College of Medicine CommencementGraduating Students should Park in Area 18 on Main Campus (enter lot off East Rocket Drive) and take the sidewalk toward Savage Arena. See map and directions. Use the Fetterman Training Entrance to access the field where a group photo of the class will be taken at 3 p.m. 

Only graduating students will be allowed in the Fetterman Training Center for the group photo. The photo will later be available for download on the UTCOMLS social media channels. 

Following the photo, staff will assist candidates in getting to the appropriate check-in location and to their assigned seats.


Academic regalia are required to participate in the commencement ceremony. (Exception: Military graduates wearing dress uniform.) Regalia may be purchased and picked up directly from the UT Bookstore, located on the Main Campus at the Gateway — Dorr and Secor. NOTE: Students MUST bring their own hoods to the ceremony. Regalia rentals may be returned to Bookstore staff following the ceremony. 

2019 Informational flyer (PDF)

Prior to the day of the ceremony, graduates should try on regalia for fit and to ensure that they have received the correct regalia for their degree. Graduates should bring regalia and hoods ironed/steamed and ready to wear to the ceremony.

Special Hooders are also required to wear the Regalia associated with their specific degree and institution.  The UT Bookstore can assist with Regalia rental for all special hooders in need of regalia.


All students will receive a diploma cover at the ceremony. Graduates who have completed all degree requirements will have their diploma sent to them via mail. Students with outstanding degree requirements, or holds on their account (i.e. parking tickets, financial obligations, library fines) may receive their diploma once all outstanding degree requirements or other obligations have been fulfilled.

 Transcripts (Graduate Students Only)

Degrees are typically posted to the transcript record within 30 days of the Commencement ceremony. If you order a transcript before your degree is posted to your record, mark the appropriate space on the request form to indicate that the transcript should be sent after the degree is posted.

Personal Belongings

Graduates should leave personal belongings — including purses, wallets, phones and cameras — with their guests. There is no storage available for personal belongings and belongings should not be brought to the graduate seating area. 

Professional Behavior

Graduates should conduct themselves with the highest degree of consideration, maturity and professionalism to ensure a pleasant and meaningful ceremony for all graduates and guests.    

Tips for an extraordinary ceremony:

  • Leave personal items like coats and purses with guests. There are no facilities available for storing these items.
  • Arrive by 2:30 p.m. Park in Area 18 on Main Campus and take the sidewalk toward Savage Arena. Use the Fetterman Training Entrance to access the field where a group photo of the class will be taken at 3 p.m. 
  • At this time, graduates may bring as many guests as they wish and tickets are not required. All guests should enter through the main entrance to Savage Arena. Only graduates are allowed in the photo/check in area.
  • Appropriate academic regalia are required to participate. Jeans, sandals and shorts are not permitted. Please dress accordingly.
  • Wear additional academic regalia that correspond with your honor society (e.g., sash, medal, ribbon, etc.).

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