College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

NSM Council

Welcome to the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics Council page.

This is the faculty governance body for the college. This body is charged with oversight of the College Curriculum, policies, and general governance of the college from the faculty perspective.

Current Chair: Qin Shao, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Past Chair:  Kathy Shan, Associate Lecturer, Physics and Astronomy

Vice Chair: Sally Harmych, Senior Lecturer, Biological Sciences

Secretary: Katharine Fisher,  Senior Lecturer,  Mathematics and Statistics (Fall Semester);

                      Michael Heber, Professor, Physics and Astronomy  (Spring Semester)

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Council Membership


Executive Committee

Curriculum Committee (Schedule)

Elections Committee

Academic Grievance Committee (Bylaws)

Schedule of Meetings (including Agendas and Minutes)

NSM College Constitution

NSM Council Bylaws

Last Updated: 10/11/19