College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

NSM quick contacts list

Below is a quick list of department chairs and department websites, student support services and more to provide you as much information as possible, in one location.


Chair and Professor: Dr. Scott Leisner | | 419.530.2066
Associate Chair and Professor: Dr. Deborah Chadee | | 419.530.5077
More information: Biological Sciences website
Chair and Professor: Dr. Jon Kirchhoff | | 419.530.1515
Associate Chair and Professor: Dr. Cora Lind-Kovacs | | 419.530.1505
More information: Chemistry and Biochemistry website
Chair and Professor: Dr. Jonathon | 419.530.4595
Associate Chair and Professor: Dr. Von Sigler | | 419.530.2897
More information: Environmental Sciences website
Interim Chair and Associate Professor: Dr. Geoffrey | 419.530.2569
Associate Chair and Professor: Dr. Alessandro Arsie | | 419.530.3247
More information: Mathematics and Statistics website
Chair and Professor: Dr. Sanjay Khare | | 419.530.4906
Associate Chair and Professor: Dr. Rupali Chandar | | 419.530.4957
More information: Physics and Astronomy website

student support services:

Current students can make virtual appointments with a Pre-Health Advisor: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., by calling 419.530.2220 or emailing: For more information visit:
The Office of Student Services supports Natural Sciences & Mathematics students throughout their academic careers, helping them derive as many benefits as possible from their education. The office's academic advisors are vital links to successful degree completion, providing students with services and resources to help them accomplish their goals. To connect with your advisor, please email: or call 419.530.2671. For more information visit:

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Last Updated: 6/14/21