University Policy

Radiation Therapy

3364-134-01 Annual Calibration of Radiation Treatment
3364-134-07 Contingency Plan:  Loss of Water
3364-134-08 Contingency Plan:  Loss of Electricity
3364-134-10 Dose Calculation Check by Second Individual Physics
3364-134-11 Consent Forms
3364-134-12 Consultations - Outpatients
3364-134-13 Daily Quailty Assurance for Megavoltage Treatment Machines
3364-134-14 Management of Emergency and Critically Ill Patients
3364-134-15 Delivery of Ionizing Radiation
3364-134-16 Patients Requiring Emergency Consultation and Treatment
3364-134-17 Discontinuing Radiation Treatments
3364-134-19 Flexible Fiberoptic Scope
3364-134-20 Follow Up Appointment
3364-134-21 Hiring Graduate Therapists
3364-134-23 Reporting of Errors
3364-134-26 Infection Control
3364-134-27 Machine Malfunction
3364-134-28 Computer Program Acceptance Testing
3364-134-29 Medical Physics - Radiation Survey Meters
3364-134-30 Peer Review/Training and Chart Rounds
3364-134-31 Monitoring Patients Receiving External Radiation Treatments
3364-134-32 Continual Quailty Assurance for Megavoltage Radiation Treatment Units
3364-134-38 Orientation/Safety Education Safet Training/Therapist
3364-134-39 Patient Protection and Care
3364-134-40 Radiation Protection and Monitoring of Employees
3364-134-41 Radiation Protection for Employees
3364-134-42 Physics Chart Check, Final
3364-134-46 Quality Control Program
3364-134-47 Guidelines for Protecting Personnel and Patients from Radiation
3364-134-48 Radiation Safety Manual
3364-134-50 Verification of Registration/Certification of Allied Health Personnel
3364-134-53 Reporting Illness and Absenteeism
3364-134-54 Requesting Medical Records From Other Institutions
3364-134-58 Safety Training 
3364-134-60 Scheduling Time Off
3364-134-61 Staff Pregnancy
3364-134-62 Source to Skin Distances (SSD)
3364-134-64 Tissue Compensators/Bolus
3364-134-65 Thermoluminescent Dosimetry of Patient Prescribed Dose
3364-134-67 Positive Identification of Patients
3364-134-73 Treatment Field Documentation
3364-134-74 Patient Age & Special Needs
3364-134-75 Confidentiality/HIPA
3364-134-77 Nursing Guidelines
3364-134-79 Hazardous Materials/Right to Know
3364-134-80 Weekly Chart Checks by Physics
3364-134-84 Objectives
3364-134-85 Verification Simulations
3364-134-86 Time Out for External Beam Treatments
3364-134-89 Patient Education for Radiation Therapy
3364-134-92 Storage of Film Jackets
3364-134-94 Pacemaker Patients
3364-134-96 Process of Care
3364-134-97 Morbidity and Mortality
3364-134-101 Clinical Patient Treatment Standard Operating Procedures for IGRT
3364-134-103 Periodic Quality Assurance Testing of the Ct/Simulator
3364-134-104 SRS/SBRT Vertebral Body Imaging
3364-134-105 Dry-Run on EDGE linear accelerator
3364-134-106 Water Bath System
3364-134-107 Use of Gated Radiation Therapy
3364-134-108 Supervision for Non-Certified or Non-Licensed Personnel
3364-134-109 Evaluation of Shielding and Change in the Workplace
3364-134-110 Quality and Safety Features of Software
3364-134-111 Imaging Protocols for Simulation and Treatment
3364-134-112 Reinstating Clinical Use After Equipment Repairs
3364-134-113 Time-out for Patient-specific Information Transfer
3364-134-114 Facility Clinic Visit
3364-134-115 Venipuncture for Contrast Administration
3364-134-116 Extravasations of Contrast
3364-134-117 Intravenous Use of Iodinated Contrast Agents
3364-134-118 Transportation of NON-Critically Ill Inpatients to the DCC
Last Updated: 9/19/23