Research and Sponsored Programs

Research and Sponsored Programs Forms

Proposal Review & Approval Form

(a.k.a. submission/endorsement form)

Required for all proposals | Revised: 09/13/2023


Conflict of Interest Disclosure Site

Required of all faculty, staff and students responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of externally funded research.


Subcontract/Subrecipient Form

Required for ALL sub-recipients involved in a research project.

Revised: 09/10/2018


Matching/Cost-Share Request

The Vice President for Resarch will provide a cash match of up to two dollars for every one dollar provided by the department, college or center for every proposal requiring institutional cash match. Further, the office will entertain request to provide a cash match of one dollar for every dollar provided by the department, college or center for proposals not requiring a cash match but where matching dollars will make the proposal more competitive.


Supplemental Compensation Request Form

Complete for approval before routing of Proposal Review & Approval Form (RSP 100)


Post-Doctoral Associate Job Description



Budget Template form

Budget development for grants, contracts and agreements (hereafter "sponsored projects") uses estimates of future expenses based on current and policy. Budgeted salary and wage increases are projections only, and do not guarantee an increase, even when awards are made. All salary, wage and fringe benefit levels are determined by university policies and are subject to change throughout the life of the sponsored project. UToledo employees funded wholly or partially from sponsored projects will follow established university policy in determining wage and benefit rates.

This Budget Template is an MS Excel spreadsheet with built-in functions and formulas to expedite accurate budget development. This form applies to all UToledo campuses.


Special or optional forms for sponsored projects

The forms listed in this section are for specific situations that may apply to a sponsored project for time to time.

Departmental Request to Open a Restricted Account

a.k.a. "Chair Guarantee" Form

Revised: 03/30/2022

Request for Approval to Use Foreign-Flag Air Carrier
on Federally Funded Foreign Travel


Institutional Certification for Genetic/Genomic Data Sharing (NIH-Funded)


Personnel Intake Form

Complete this form when you are adding personnel to a sponsored project.


Research Volunteer

Information regarding requesting volunteer status.


Planning to hire a contractor?

Be sure to follow the process for Independent Contractors as described on this Grants Accounting web page.


Planning to hire an undergraduate or high school student?

Planning to hire an undergraduate or high school student?
Please complete the process for Student Stipend Payment Procedure on this Grants Accounting web page.

Controlled substance and  dangerous drugs in research forms

For all controlled substances and dangerous drugs forms, policies, processes and standard operating procedures, please visit the Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs website. This website contains all forms as well as information and standard procedures for utilizing controlled substances and dangerous drugs in research at The University of Toledo.

Human Research Protection Program

For all human subjects research forms and IRB Committees information, please visit the Human Research Protection Program website. 

Institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) Forms

Faculty members are strongly encouraged to consult with the IACUC Administrator, IACUC Chair or Attending Veterinarian PRIOR to protocol submission.

For all UToledo policies, guidelines, procedures and forms regarding research involving the use of animals, please proceed to the IACUC website.

Radiation Safety Forms and Applications

If your research will involve the use of radioactive substances, please contact the Radiation Safety Program website. This website contains UToledo policy regarding the use of radioisotopes in research, procedures and required forms. This page also includes contact information for those responsible for radiation safety at The University of Toledo.

UToledo Biosafety Forms

If the research you are planning involves the use of biohazards including but not limited to bacteria, fungi, parasites, recombinant DNA, select agents and toxins, human blood, cells, other tissues and products, plants and plant products, animals and animal products which cause disease, you will need to contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee and obtain the appropriate protocol. The Institutional Biosafety Committee website contains all necessary forms, procedures and policies necessary for IBC protocols.

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