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Animal Care and Use in Research

The USDA Animal Welfare Act and the NIH Public Health Service Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Animals require that institutions conducting research and teaching with animals established an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The IACUC provides oversight and helps ensure compliance with all laws, regulations, and policies governing the care and use of research and teaching with animals.


Image of Mahesh Pillai, Manager Research Compliance

Mahesh Pillai, M.D., Ph.D., C.I.P.

Director, Research Compliance
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Main Campus | R1 1020A | Mail Stop: 218

Tyara Vazquez, MS - Associate Compliance Analyst, IACUC/IBC

Tyara Vazquez, M.S.

Associate Compliance Analyst, IACUC

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Main Campus | R1 1020F | Mail Stop: 218


USDA Number: 31-R-0134

AAALAC Accreditation Number: 000557 | AAALAC Accreditation Date: 11/18/2022
AAALAC Accredited as a university since 2010. Health Science Campus has been accredited since 1981.

OLAW Assurance: A3414-01 | Effective Date: December 20, 2023


IACUC Training 

The IACUC office is offering trainings to support student, staff and faculty researchers who conduct research with animal subjects. It is not mandatory but is encouraged if you are not familiar with the IACUC process, federal regulations, UToledo policy, or best practices. 

The primary audience for the application training is those who have a clear research plan and need some guidance ensuring their procedures are in compliance with IACUC approval procedure, providing the information in each application question that is needed for the IACUC to make a determination, and general IRB Manager navigation. Please feel free to come with specific questions as this training is meant to not only provide a baseline understanding but to also help you in completing your application. This training is NOT to learn the IRB Manager system. Additionally, this is NOT the required animal subjects training through CITI that all researchers who conduct research with animal subjects must take. You may attend this training multiple times but class sizes are limited to ensure that we can give individualized attention where needed.

The primary audience for the Q&A sessions are all faculty, staff, and student researchers that have general questions about IACUC processes, animal subject research regulations, and UT policies and procedures associated with conducting research with animal subjects.  The format for these sessions will be unstructured, so please come with any and all questions you may have.


Current Training Dates: 

2/7/24, 12:00-1:00PM - IACUC Training Link to Register
3/12/24, 3:00-4:00PM - IACUC/IBC Training Link to Register
4/3/24, 10:00-11:00AM - IACUC Training Link to Register

Please register by 5:00PM the night prior to your desired training date. If this registration deadline is not met, please contact Tyara Vazquez to determine if we will be able to accomodate you for that training. The trainings will be conducted virtually, but may move to hybrid or in person depending on demand.

If you need IACUC training for a specific department or course, or have additional questions please reach out to Tyara Vazquez

Last Updated: 1/31/24