Research and Sponsored Programs

URAF Recipients 2004-2005

Summer Research Awards and Fellowships

Beatty, Charles; Ethnogenesis And Resistance In Colonial Spanish America

Berhan, Lesley; Investigation Of The Achievable Poisson's Ratios In Random 3D Fibrous Networks

Bryant, Michael; The Criminal Investigation And Process Of Nazi-Era Acts Of Violence In Baden-Wurttemberg, 1945-2000

Czopp, Alexander; Positive Stereotypes And African American Career Goals And Academic Effort

Davis, Debra; Cultural Domestication-Instinctual Desire: An Exhibition of Contemporary Czech Art

Fitzgerald, Christina; "Ubbe Dubbede Him To Knith": Havelok The Dane And Middle English -ed, -es, And -eth

Gillespie, Carmen; The Breeding: Telling Caroline's Story At Last

Gray, John; Genomics Of PCD Underlying Aerenchyma Formation In Maize

Gruden, Cyndee; Biosensors For Contaminated Sediment Characterization

Kalczynski, Pawel; Temporal Semantic Network For Business News Domain

Khare, Sanjay; First Principles Computation Of Transition Metal Nitride Properties

Kydd, Elspeth; The Last Days Of Our House

Lind, Cora; Understanding The Chemistry Of Precursors To Negative Thermal Expansion Materials

McGadney-Douglass, Brenda; Indigenous Knowledge: Assessment Of Internally Displaced Women In Northern Ghana

Neff, Lisa; Stress Resilience In Early Marriage

Relue, Patricia; Cost-Competitive Approach For Ethanol Production From Lignocellulose Biomass Based On Recombinant DNA Technology

Rizk, Mysoon; When Publics Collide: Contemporary Arts As Political Engagement

Schmidt, Joseph; New Zirconium Complexes For Intermolecular Alkene Hydroamination

Shao, Qin; Robust Estimation For Periodic Autoregressive Time Series

Sheldon, Glenn; T. McGrath: Poetry Of Politics And Politics Of Poetry

Tarafdar, Monideepa; The Influence Of Information Technology Capabilities On Innovation:  How Does Information Technology Help In Product And Process Innovation?

Waldeck, Nancy; The Relationship Between Media Exposure, Labor Market Experience And Workplace Expectations: An Empirical Study

deArce Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research and Development Program

Case, Patricia; Exploring The Social Costs Of Cancer

Gribble, Phillip; The Effects Of Proximal Joint Neuromuscular Control Deficits On Strength And Dynamic Postural Control In Those With Chronic Ankle Instability

Hassoun, Ezdihar; Phagocytic Activation And Induction Of Oxidative Stress In Hepatic Tissues Of Mice After Exposure To Di- And Tri-chloroacetate

Heffner, Henry; Determining The Pitch Of Tinnitus In Rats Exposed To Loud Tones

McLoughlin, Thomas; Interplay Between FoxO1 And Follistatin In Skeletal Muscle Maintenance

Mueser, Timothy; Structural Studies Of Eukaryotic DNA Repair

Schall, Constance; Surface Modification For Protein Adsorption

Scheuermann, Barry; Effect Of Leg Exercise On Arm Blood Flow And Vascular Adaptations

Wall, Katherine; Human CD38 Deficiency

Williams, Frederick; Molecular Mechanisms Of Dichloroacetic Acid Induced Developmental Toxicities

Archaeological Research Fund
  • Harrell, James; Geoarchaeological Fieldwork In Egypt - Summer 2005
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